20 June 2008


I have been cleaning my house lately and piling up junk that will be taken away soon. We will call a junk removal company to come and pick it all up when we buy our new couch.

I have been wanting brand new couches since I moved out of my parent's house almost twenty years ago. While I was with my ex I couldn't seem to hold onto money. Actually, I could hold onto it but he could have no knowledge of it or somehow it would need to get spent on the car or computer. So we never did get the couches I'd dreamt of. Now my boyfriend S and I have a savings plan in place that will result in new couches. First we will save the money to buy the boys new mattresses. I just couldn't justify spending money on something else once I saw how awful their current mattresses are. The boys are 13 and 11 and need good suppport for their backs as they grow. Anyway, we only have a tiny bit left to save and then the shopping will begin. After the boys have their beds and new bedding (jersey knit sheets....such a wonderful invention) S and I will go to Sears and buy the couch we already picked out. Instead of saving the money for it we will put it on the 'no payment for a year' plan and pay it off before the year is up. I have been successful with that twice before (washer and Bowflex) so I know we can do it. I can't wait :)

The junk is piling up though. I have a room in the basement which is primarily filler for the junk truck when it arrives. I've been looking at some of my other stuff and creating a list in my head about what will go with the roomful of cra...er, stuff. I'm even finding stuff outside to add to the never-ending junk pile. Like my boys' old bikes and the little shed my ex bought. That is the tiniest shed I'd ever seen and it was falling apart. I had my younger son J take it apart and use one of the bigger pieces of shed as a platform to put rocks on.

The rocks will be joining the rest of the junk on Removal Day if they aren't taken by someone soon. I had J move all the rocks from the pile on the ground onto old sleds and the shed piece and put a sign on them saying 'gardening rocks, if you want 'em take 'em'. Hopefully they'll quietly leave the driveway but if they don't, it'll just be more for the Junk people to load into their truck.

That's how I got rid of my barbecue, actually. I was cleaning the big shed out and saw all kinds of stuff I never knew I had. Like four bottles of firestarter, three spades and two rakes. And a pile of my ex's stuff that I threw away. The barbecue was too big to toss out and I didn't want to wait for the Junk guys, so I left it out near the garbage. Yes, I could have sold it (it was barely used) but I couldn't be bothered with the effort of listing it anywhere and taking calls about it. As I continued cleaning the shed an SUV pulled up onto the edge of my driveway and a woman popped out. She looked a bit surprised at the barbecue and five bags of coals sitting there. She asked me if they were for 'just anyone' and I told her they were my ex husband's so yeah, they were for anyone. She took everything and was thrilled that there was also a fish fryer, firestarter and rotisserie. Too bad I can't get rid of all my junk that easily.

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