26 June 2008

Pet Store of Peeves

Warning.....rant approaching....

So, my boyfriend S tells me that I am the only person he knows who doesn't have pet peeves but instead a whole Pet Store of Peeves. Shall we take a look in the store and see what's there?

Yous, yis, anyways, ain't. Good lord get these words out of your vocabulary people. 'When are yis coming over?' does not make you sound intelligent, nor does 'what are yous doing?' or 'and anyways...' or 'I ain't got that'. Ooooh, let's add 'got' to my list. To say 'I got that' instead of 'I have that' just drives me batty. Even worse is 'do you got a pen?'. No. I don't. I only have pens for people who speak properly.

Mispronunciations like 'di-unt'. Good god it's "didn't", pronounce both ds please. I cannot stand it when people try to sound cool or hip by mispronouncing words. To me they just sound really stupid. Elevate yourself and speak clearly, please oh please.

Misused apostrophes. If it's not possesive or a contraction, the apostrophe does not belong. Seeing ads with things like 'Car's for sale' or 'lots of extra's' makes me want to don my Apostrophe Police outfit and educate the world.

Anyone who calls their significant other 'baby'. Lordy loo if someone is calling you baby then expect to be treated like one. I personally find it degrading to have a grown man calling me 'baby'. I am an adult and expect to be treated as such (unless I'm in the middle of a tantrum, then just ignore me and it'll blow over).

One whole section of my Peeve Store is parents. Especially parents that refer to themselves in thrid person. Like 'Mommy told you not to touch that' instead of 'I said no, now stop it'. Really, to me it seems like the parent is afraid to accept responsibility for their actions or parenting so they separate themselves from the bad parts. It's ok to discipline your child. It's ok to be the bad guy. Stop, oh please, stop fearing your child's reactions and just tell them 'I said..' instead of 'Mommy said...'.

Or how about parents that call their child 'the baby'. Does this child have a name? Is there a reason it's not being used? Do they think they will call this child 'the toddler' or 'the school-ager'? Really. Use the child's name when talking to others, maybe even refer to your child as 'our son' until the people you are speaking with are aware of whom you speak. But 'the baby'? That's like attaching ownership like you would 'the car' or 'the table' or 'the house'. An add-on to this is the husband that calls his wife 'the wife'. There is no ownership here, so stop it pretty please. She is your wife not the wife.

Smokers. My dad died recently from smoking and I am an ex-smoker myself. But boy o boy do I dislike smokers. I can't stand being in my car following someone who is smoking in a car. The icky fumes come straight into my car and foul my air. At least they can get away from building entrances. There is a bylaw in effect here to keep smokers away from entrances, but it's not well enforced. I shouldn't have to walk through the smoking section to get into the mall or restaurant.

Dirty or sticky handles. Either at work or at home. Disgusting to grab a handle of a cart or fridge door and feel the ick someone has left behind. I work in a commercial bakery and not everyone is considerate about cleaning their hands before grabbing something. So I often grab a cart with caramel on the handle or open the cooler door with icing on the handle. Just ick. And at home I cannot stand openning a cupboard door and feeling leftover I-don't-want-to-know ick under the handle.

Hair in my food. Oh this one is a biggie. If I find a hair or suspect there may be a hair anywhere near my food, I'm done. I don't care how hungry I am, I will not eat for a while after. I like the hairnets at work, it assures me there is no hair anywhere near our cakes and I am fastidious about making sure every strand of hair is in my hairnet. And I tend to point out to others when their hair is trying to free itself. Sometimes I get a bit bossy about it at work, but I'm ok with that.

Cashiers who chew gum. Spit. It. Out. It is disgusting to hear someone chawing away on a wad of gum while serving me. Just. Gross.

Thinking of work....people who consistantly think they are employed part-time in a full-time position. Show up for work and stop burdening others with your workload. I understand that everyone needs a 'me' day every now and again, but every week only working one or two days? That's just inconsiderate. Get a part-time job instead so you don't have to actually show up every day. There are some people at work like this and I would have fired them loooooong ago. Replace them with people who want to be there. Couple this peeve with the worker that complains about the dinky paycheques or mandatory time off (three weeks at Christmas for us). Seriously. If you want money, then work, but don't complain about having none if you aren't actually showing up for your shifts.

There are more peeves. I have a store of them, after all :)

...end rant....

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