14 July 2008


Budgeting and a new couch :)

OMG we finally bought a new couch!! For ninteen, yes, nineteen years I've been wanting to buy a brand new couch and we finally did. Now I just have to wait patiently for it to arrive. Patience. Where can I get some of that, like right now...

We managed to save the money to buy my boys new mattresses first. That was not as hard as I thought. Once S mentioned that I'm bipolar with money it was easy to set a budget and stick to it. I'd tried many many different budgets over the years, including paying all available money to debt (then having no spending money and putting things on credit) and budgeting payments I could only afford if money were to magically appear in the bank for me. My biggest flaw with budgeting was to assume there would be enough money to cover all the payments I planned without being realistic about the amount of money coming in each month. What we settled on was to figure out how much money we needed to make every payment in the month, making more than minimum on debts but not too much, then checking to see if the money to keep that plan would actually be there. It was. So then all money over and above what was budgeted would go into a separate savings account to build up enough for the beds. It actually worked! We didn't feel the strain of having no money to play with (there is a 'slush' fund in the budget for unexpected stuff) and we were able to save the money in a reasonable amount of time. Now that I know we can save money it will be easier to keep doing it :)

Once we paid for the mattresses we bought new glasses for my younger son. The timing was excellent on that. I knew his eyes had changed and that he would need new glasses soon. We bought him two pairs because he's eleven and hard on them. Then we chose a coffee table, sofa table and couch. The mattresses arrived this past weekend so the boys are now sleeping in luxurious comfort :) The couch has a set delivery date (next week), but the coffee table wasn't in so we decided to wait and have the coffee and sofa table delivered together.

I kept wanting new furniture but never found the money in the budget before S came along. My ex couldn't know how much money we had or he'd spend it all (or suddenly the car would break down, conveniently, or the computer's parts would fail, also conveniently). If he thought there was no money available he'd be ok wilh everything, as soon as he found out there was money around, it'd be gone. S is much better at helping with the budget. He didn't mind sticking to it at all, which made it so much easier to save. Let's face it, I have also been guilty of overspending :) So it was good to find out that I can also stick to a budget that makes sense.

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