08 July 2008

I love my Pen Mouse :)

I love my pen mouse! This thing is so easy to use I can't believe they aren't sold everywhere :) It makes Photoshop soooooo easy and I can get some tiny movements with it. When I was using the Trackball I found that my fingers didn't have the dexterity to get the result I wanted. And a standard mouse was just frustrating. My hand doesn't even get sore using the pen mouse, but I haven't used it for hours on end either :)

It did take a while to get used to, of course. I still click with my pointer finger but it's in a different position so double clicking was a bit frustrating at first. To right click I just move my finger up to the button above the left click, again it did take some getting used to. I forgot it had a scroll function as well. There is no wheel or button, just double right click and it's a simulated scroll. It really is like using a pen to surf, why didn't more companies think of this as a mouse?

One thing I did find out was that there is a bug in the mouse. If I leave the mouse on it goes into sleep mode, if left on for a while it goes into deep sleep mode. If I leave it on overnight it goes into damn-near-coma mode and S had to call tech support to get it to wake up. At least now I know how to wake it from almost-dead and remember to turn it off when not in use.

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