16 July 2008

More Photoshop

I have been having fun with Photoshop :) I've learned that I have a difficult time choosing colors or making images to work with so I take pictures of all kinds of stuff and use those. So far I've been keeping to the same kind of effects but I'll probably branch out at some point and learn more.

Anyway, I'm considering choosing my favorite photo creation and having a giclee (pron. zhee-clay) picture made. This is an interesting process that takes your original image and puts it onto a canvas using paint. From what I've managed to find, this is a fairly expensive process depending on what I want. Someone I know at work did this with a photo of a flower and had the image framed as well. The whole thing came to $700 for her but she also had a consultation with an artist to alter the photo a bit. I would not have the final piece framed, I like the look of gallery wrapping. And I wouldn't need the consultation as I'd just want the image I give them but larger. No need for color alteration or anything. The problem will be in choosing one of the photos for giclee, I like them all so far :)

The other thing I considered was selling the images on etsy. Both of my sisters have stores there so I'm a tiny bit familiar with it. I really don't know if I have the energy to put into it, though. It's hard enough working full time, being a mom, being a girlfriend and getting time to myself without adding too many other things. But maybe, we'll see, possibly, don't know yet. One problem with Bipolar is that on an Up I definately have time and ability to learn something new or handle stress. On a Down I have no tolerance for anything and only like sleeping.

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