21 July 2008


One of the consistant issues with Bipolar Disorder seems to be sleep. Last night I only slept for about three hours and I feel stupidly well-rested. I was a bit tired this morning at work but no more than usual. This afternoon I tried to take a nap and ended up dozing fitfully for less than an hour.

The only side effect is my lack of energy. I used all the energy I needed at work so when I came home and tried to skip I was completely unable to lift my feet off the floor. Makes for difficult skipping if my feet don't leave the floor. My lack of sleep could also be from the heat but I wasn't uncomfortably hot at night or at work, so probably not a huge factor there. At first I thought I couldn't sleep because of S's snoring. He's not really loud, just that every time I felt myself drifting off to sleep I'd be jolted awake by a snort or snuffle from him so I went into the living room and slept on the couch.

I remembered this morning that there are times when I sleep only a couple of hours and feel well-rested and other times I could sleep twelve hours and still need a nap. It's frustrating only because the logical part of my brain points out that living on three hours of sleep a night is not healthy at all. Nor is sleeping for twelve hours a night. Maybe tonight will be better. Maybe I'll sleep for six hours or so.

My lack of energy could be from forgetting my iron pill as well. I only take two pills a day: birth control and iron supplement. Without the iron pills I get lethargic and if left too long, I hallucinate. As interesting as hallucinations are (mostly about bugs crawling on the ingredients at work or seeing someone out of the corner of my eye who isn't there) they are an annoyance as well. So I take iron pills. The doctor hasn't bothered to figure out why my iron is low, but I don't have any symptoms of anything else, just low iron on blood tests, so the pills are good for now. Anyway, I have no memory of actually taking my iron pill this morning.

So other than a lack of energy I don't feel sleep deprived at all. As long as I don't make any major decisions in the next few days I'm sure I'll be fine :)

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