01 August 2008

Couch is here - junk is gone!

Our new couch arrived! I love the way it looks in our living room - mostly because we picked it out and it's not second-hand. I have nothing against used furniture, but I am happy as can be that we were able to buy one new.

The next step was the garbage. I called the truck to come and pick up all of our stuff that I'd piled in the driveway. Luckily someone (or someones) had come by and taken a couple of things, saving me some money. They charge by volume and weight, so I had them take everything I couldn't fit into my car. It cost me more than I thought it would, but it was worth it to have someone else haul it all to the dump. The stuff that didn't go I just shoved into garbage bags. Many, many garbage bags. I figured there was no point in taking it to the EcoStation when the sanitation crew would pick it up for free if it's bagged and not too heavy. I feel much better knowing that a huge load of crap is no longer in my house. I guess I'm a bit of a minimalist that way, I just don't like a lot of clutter around me.

I get obsessive about dust and dirt, too. When I start to clean I want to get everything immaculate. I feel so much better when the dust buffaloes have been vacuumed and the streaks off the walls. My house is looking messy right now, but my boys are out biking almost every day, contributing to the mess. I'll clean it on an Up. When I know I have time to be exacting about it all. My mom taught me how to clean to 'white glove' standards and I thank her for that. I know the difference between surface clean and deep clean. I know how to get every nook and cranny clean and how to cheat and make it look really clean when it's not. My sisters and I used to have to clean a room as our Saturday job, I think it was in order to get our allowance. My mom would inspect our cleaning job and release us when it was satisfactory. I remember cleaning the toilet and not being able to get the hair off of the porcelain. My mom yelled at me about how easy it was to clean porcelain, that the hair was easy to get off so I had no reason not to get it clean. I remember thinking it's not that it's hard to clean (it wipes easily) but that it's hard to get the hair to pick up on the cloth. I didn't argue with her, just let her rant and finished the job. At least I know how to clean my environment to a standard I deem acceptable.

Now that a huge amount of junk is gone, I can really see two rooms in the basement. One is supposed to be a kitchen and one is supposed to be a bedroom. Both of these rooms desperately need paint and clean (or new) floors. I rent the house but the landlord doesn't like to spend any money. He'll buy paint.....as long as it's white. I may ask him to refund me the money after I get the rooms in order. If I get the rooms in order. I know better than to make grand plans. I'll just exhaust myself on a Down trying to fulfill the agreement I made with myself. And it can be difficult to predict an Up. One thing S has taught me is that an entire project doesn't need to be done all at once. So, I'm preparing the walls for patching, then when I feel like it I'll wash the walls. Then I'll buy cheap paint and paint them. One room at a time. I want to make the house feel more like my home (after living here for 10 years, it's about time) but I don't want to spend a fortune doing it.

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