14 August 2008

Day Off

I had the day off from work today and so far it's been immensely relaxing :)

Normally I don't take off a Thursday because that's just silly, but today my younger son J had a new student orientation at his school. I didn't really think he would go if I left him to his own devices so I arranged to have the day off so I cou
ld drag, er, take him there. Once we figured out which class he was going to be in and he sat in the required section of the bleachers in the gym, I stood around and talked to two moms I hadn't seen in a long time. I discovered I didn't really miss these moms. I used to think my sons' schools were a place I could go and meet other people and make friends. Although I did make some friends/acquaintances I found I really didn't fit in with that crowd at all. So seeing them again was just a remembrance of why I let those relationships lapse.

Once J's class was called away to check out their homerooms and get lockers I thought it was best to leave. I didn't see any real point in following him around the school and potentially embarrassing him. After all, he's in grade 7 now.

Instead I went shopping :) I cleaned out my closet yesterday and even though I just cleaned all the junk out of my house recently, I was able to stuff another garbage bag with donations to Goodwill. My closet had so many clothes that don't fit or are out of style or I just don't know why I originally purchased them.
Luckily I mostly shop at Winner's or second-hand stores so getting rid of lots of barely-worn clothes doesn't make me feel like I'm throwing away money. Not much, anyway. And I always have a donation bag on the go, just this time I filled it all in one sitting. The 'donation fling' is a remnant of an on-again off-again friendship. She had come across a website, FlyLady, and found the donation fling. Once a week we would go to Goodwill with whatever we could come up with to donate. It started to waver in her attentions, week after week she had nothing to take on our donation trip. I kept it up, although not weekly. Now I just have a bag that I fill up. When it gets full or when I have the clean-out bug I take it to Goodwill. And stop and shop :)

Today I found a blouse that I'll never wear but has beautiful colors in it (as pictured here). I bought it just to take pictures of the colors and manipulate them with PhotoShop. I will either donate it back to Goodwill or give it to my younger sister V. V does something called 'upcycling' or repurposing clothes. She takes different items and pieces them together to come up with one-of-a-kind creations that she sells on Etsy. So maybe she will like the blouse for the fabric or colors. Or not. We'll see.

Sewing is definately something I admire in my family. I have two sisters and both sew as does my mom. My aunt used to sew a bit but has moved on to other hobbies. I have tried to sew, I really have, but I am all thumbs at it. I can't seem to cut the fabric right or position it properly or sew it in a straight line. For a long time I felt bad that I couldn't master this hobby and even felt like I didn't fit in to my own family. Now I just see that it's really cool that they can create things with fabric. I'd rather oooh and aahhh over their creations and see the hard work they put into the piece than stress over trying to be like them.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

That blouse DOES have lovely colours! Thanks for thinking of me - I'm sure I can find a splendid use for it!

You mentioned that nothing seems to go right when you sew... Well, believe me nothing goes right for me either, but I guess you have to love doing it to keep plugging along...

Sometimes I've sewn a seam over again 5 times (okay, maybe 10 times) before I get it right.

Anyway, your cross-stitch creations are extremely admirable and beautiful and meticulous, and I'd never never have the patience to do something like that!


Chantelle said...

That fabric is gorgeous!!! And you know how to use Photoshop? *swoon*

Have you seen Spoonflower.com where you can design fabric and have it printed out for you? I bet you could come up with amazing fabric designs :)

I also have re-sewn seams over and over and over and over again. Up until very recently, I sewed every seam on every garment at least twice. My biggest sewing skill is knowing how to rip out previous stitching (including serger stitching).

I do sort of wonder if maybe your first sewing projects were too complicated - really, the first project should be just a few straight lines. Maybe if you come to visit and you have the urge, we could sit down and you could make a pillow or something? Only if you want to, of course - no pressure.

You do beautiful cross-stitch and I'm hugely envious of that. My soon-to-be sister-in-law was here the other day and she thought that the Scrabble board you did was so gorgeous! She couldn't believe that you'd made the pattern and stitched all of those tiles and even did all of the little notches on the high-scoring board locations. I very much admire your ability to take a picture and make it into cross-stitch because your cross-stitching looks like the real thing!


GRACE said...

I love the colors. Good eye!