01 September 2008

Fall and flowers

Fall is coming. I can feel the change in the air already. The trees and grass are no longer vibrant green and lush, instead they are faded. The air doesn't feel like the inside of a toaster oven any more, even on the warm days it's a touch cooler. The ground itself is cooling and preparing for the frost. The grass is no longer warm on my toes in the shade, now it is only warm in the sun. The air smells like dried grass and slightly rotting leaves. It's actually pleasant so far. As much as I love summer I also like the change in seasons. I just wish winter didn't feel like it was nine months long.

My sweet peas are doing extraordinarily well this year. My fence looks exactly as I wanted it to when I had the landscaper come and edge it. I wante
d sweet peas lining my fence and covering the chain link, and now I have it :)

I love how every color smells different. They are my favorite flower to grow in a garden because they smell so good and are so colorful. I'll have to remember next year that these are the bushy style of sweet pea. The package said they would only grow about three or four feet, but they are now over five feet tall in some places.

In the garden at the front of my house I plan on putting in hyacinths. I always thought they were hard to grow, but I found out you just put the bulbs in the ground and water them. So that's easy enough for me :) I love the smell of hyacinths as well.

In addition to the sweet peas I bought Canadian Explorer rose bushes. These are meant to last through our harsh winters and dry conditions. When I bought them they were each maybe a foot tall, now one is up to my waist! I remember my aunt using bone meal on hers and the clerk at the garden center suggested the same, so I sprinkled some in the hole when I planted them. Maybe that's what's contributed to the massive growth of them. I'll have to remember to put some on the roses in the front as well as my five new ones in the back next spring. Each bush has bloomed several times this year. I was surprised at that, I thought the shock of planting them would prevent them from blooming until next year. Again, probably the bone meal. One of the rose bushes was planted in the corner where the sweet peas are, next year I expect it to be large enough to take up the corner on it's own instead of having the sweet peas behind it.

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