19 September 2008

Itty Bitty Book Review

I absolutely love a good book. The kind of book that I forget where I am and feel a little surprised that the characters are not actual living people. I recently fininshed just such a book :)

It's called The Sister by Poppy Adams. The book opens with Ginny waiting for her sister Vivi to come for a visit. Vivi hasn't been home in 47 years and Ginny, who is now 70, is a bit excited to see her. Very early on I could detect that something wasn't quite right about Ginny's mind, but not so much to say she's special needs or anything. The entire book is written from Ginny's perspective, as if the reader is given a rare opportunity to see directly into her mind.

Throughout the book Ginny delves into her past, marking the important moments that define who she is, her relationship with her family and the secrets she's had to keep. These flashbacks are neatly placed in between events of the present in order to help the reader see how Ginny sees the world, and to bring the reader up to speed on the chronology of Ginny's life. I liked how Ginny is unapologetic of who she is and accepts that she doesn't fit exactly into the world as many people seem to. I even liked how Ginny has a very rigid routine for things in her life and how Vivi's homecoming intrudes upon that, but in a good way. In a way that Ginny doesn't mind the intrusion, just makes mental notes to fix things later. Until Vivi no longer fits into Ginny's world, then Ginny makes a decision to fix that and return her world to order.

This was the author's first book, I'd like to see if her next book is as interesting to me.


Michelle said...

I UNDERSTAND how you feel about books!!!! I LOVE to read also. I love to go to the library. I love to go to second hand book stores. I even love the SMELL, oh god I'm sick.....I'm going to have to go to the library and get it out!

Michelle said...

Just thought I would add that I LOVE reading your blog!