30 September 2008

Itty Bitty Book Review

One of the things I love in a book is not wanting it to end but not being able to stop turning the pages. That is what Belong To Me by Marisa de los Santos was like. Every time I put the book down I felt like I was closing the curtains on a window that allowed me to peep into other people's minds. The book is written from different perspectives and was so enriching in the descriptions of how the characters felt and the struggle inside themselves. Marisa is almost poetic in her ability to accurately portray thoughts, decisions and emotions.

The book is involves four families that are intertwined in ways that aren't completely revealed until the end. Each of the four main characters experiences a wide enough range of emotion to make it believable and enough change takes place within each one to make them human. These characters seemed so real that I will miss them now that the book is done.

I put
another book on hold at the library by this author. Hopefully it won't be a carbon copy of Belong To Me but be just as delightful.

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