21 September 2008

School Trip

My older son T is in grade nine this year and every year his school gives the students the opportunity to go on a field trip to another city. Usually the school alternates between a trip to Montreal, Quebec and China. Every ten years they go to France. This is the France year and my son wants to go. He didn't want to go to China as it's too far away, and he didn't want to go to Montreal because he wants to go outside the country.

The trip to France includes: 7 nights in centrally located hotel (Paris), 7 European breakfasts, 7 dinners, Guided tours of: Paris, Nimes and Avignon. Tours of Versailles and Battlefields. Entrances to Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Euro Disney, Arena, Pont de Garde, Popes Palace. Bateaux Mouches cruise on the Seine. Excursion to Vimy Ridge and La Some and a tour director 24/7.

Holy crap! All of this for the low price of $3500! I hope they have 24/7 chaperones as well. The kids are in junior high after all. Aside from my normal parent fears of the plane crashing, my son getting lost, my son being kidnapped, my son assaulted in ways I refuse to consider, I don't see any reason why he can't go. The school will have an info night this week that I'll go to and find out how it all works. Now that T has a job he wants to pay for the trip if I can't pay. I don't know if I'll make him pay for the whole thing or just a portion, he will need spending money as well. He'll just make payments to me if I charge him.

But still....holy crap!

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