28 September 2008


Oh yeah, I waxed my legs, bikini line and underarms. It's one of those cases where the short term pain outweighs the long term rewards. Maybe.

After more than twenty years of shaving once a week or more, I'd decided I'd had quite enough. I am sick and tired of the feeling of stubble and itchy hair so I thought it was time for me to try waxing. I bought a kit from Wal Mart a week ago but found out the hair had to be ridiculously long for the waxing to be successful, so I waited and willed my hair to grow faster.

Yesterday the hair appeared to be long enough so I settled myself in the bathroom and skimmed over the instructions. The kit I bought was the kind with the honey pot and wooden popsicle sticks. It didn't take very long to realize how incredibly messy this process was. I also learned very fast to exhale sharply as I pulled the strip off. It helped stave off any unneccessary screaming. The leg wasn't too bad, the nerve endings retreated pretty quickly so after the first strip or two it didn't sting as much. However, the mess was starting to irritate me so I left myself with only one leg waxed and went to the store. I bought the pre-made strips in two sizes, hoping this would be less messy. It was, mostly. That wax sticks to your skin a lot more. There was a little bottle of blue stuff (azulene oil) as well. It said to apply the oil immediately after the strip, so I waited until I was done the whole area. Turns out the oil helps remove the wax residue from your skin. Works really well on the taps and countertops too. Again, the leg wasn't too bad. The bikini line was a new form of torture though. The hair is thicker and doesn't grow in one nice, even direction. It took many many rips to get rid of that hair. Then the underarms. Same problem as the bikini line, including the inability to pull the skin taut.

Overall, the legs are nice and soft, bikini line seems ok, and the underarms sting like all hell. I left a few stragglers, the hairs that refused to uproot themselves and move to their new home of Garbage. Maybe I'll just pluck them out. The packaging said it should last for eight weeks and the hair should have a softer tip for next time, which would make it easier. We'll see. At the moment I'd just like to be able to move my arms without wincing.


Michelle said...

I use to do esthetics. Waxing, manicures , pedicures, facials, lash tinting, body wraps etc.... sounds like you did an awesome job for your first wax. Pat yourself on the back!! Make sure you exfoliate! every other day or you will get ingrown hairs and they can hurt like hell. Appy body lotion too. it usually takes a few good wax jobs before you notice the 6-8 week hair regrowth, some clients I had needed waxing every 4it's not uncommon. Also try to stay away from deo right after waxing in case you get iritated. And go ahead and tweeze those stray hairs right out!!

Chantelle said...

I tried waxing and also found it messy, and I had problems with ingrown hairs. I didn't know to exfoliate :( I might try it again sometime because the hair does bother me and I'm too lazy to shave. I'm already a gorilla and fall is barely here!

Hugs and love,