22 October 2008


I was nosily going through my sisters' Etsy profiles, checking out what they like and don't like as some sort of view into their tastes. Or just nosiness, whatever. Anyway, my older sister had a mandala on hers. They were very pretty and looked a bit like trees. So I set out trying to learn how to make them on Photoshop.

I've been playing with Photoshop for a while now so I'm not a complete novice at it, but pretty close. I made the banner of this blog using my own photo and the program, which is what introduced me to it. My guy, S, was extremely helpful in not yelling at me for reading instructions out loud, asking silly and obvious questions, and patiently waiting while I tried to locate whatever icon he was talking about that I needed to click on. So I felt comfortable enough to learn this mandala thing. First I searched the Net for any and all instructions on how to use Photoshop in the creation of mandalas. Next I learned how to not fling my keyboard across the room in frustration from instructions that might as well have been written in Sanskrit for all I could understand them. After more searching of the Internet I found
these instructions to be incredibly easy for me to follow. That's when the obsession began....

Now I sit in front of the computer until my hand cramps up making mandalas. I'm considering opening an Etsy store and selling them, but first I need to find a good digital printing company to print them on archival paper and using archival ink. I would hate for these to fade in the sun.

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