02 October 2008


I have tomorrow off work. I took last Friday as well as a vacation day. It hasn't been all that busy lately and I'd rather take a vacation day and get paid then leave early daily and not get paid. Luckily, my job isn't dependant on anyone else, so as long as I get all the scaling done that I would normally do on Friday I can take the day off. The only thing on the agenda for me tomorrow is sleeping in and relaxing. I can accomplish that.

S doesn't have hemochromatosis. It seems his body is slowly getting rid of the extra iron on it's own. There was no reason given about why it was so high originally, but because it's going away it's not a worry.

T may not go on the France trip. He changed his mind when it became a reality to go. Also, he wanted me to go with him. T doesn't always like to try new things and as much as I think this trip is a good experience, I won't force him to go.

J is in grade seven and at a new school this year. He told me a girl was expelled today for sucking on boy's...um...yeah....in the bathroom. I wondered aloud what STD she has in her mouth now and gave an abbreviated explanation about how she can transfer it from one boy to another. I'm hoping I won't have to take J to the doctor for any....problems. I'd like to trust he's chaste. jnfassdftyiyjh. Sorry - I had to wipe bits of my brain off the keyboard at the thought of my boys being sexually active. Ew.

I have to try to contain the brain explosion now.


Michelle said...

OH MY GOD ROBIN!!!!!!!!!! I actually LOL when I read your blog LMAO. Not that it's funny by ANY means about the hootchy and the pervert in the bathroom but the way you wrote it. Oh shit! I mean really!!!!!! I DON'T want to think about it. OH MY GOD!!! I will tell my boys if they don't keep it in their pants they will get something aweful and it's going to burn like hell and then fall off in burning flames!

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

Ummm excuse me, but the boy wasn't expelled? It takes 2 people to do a sex act, and he must have been participating... I doubt that she forced him.

Would the standard be the same if a boy was doing that to a girl?


Michelle said...

oooh good one Vicki! I totally agree, hmmmmm, never even crossed my mind......