11 November 2008


You know what I like to do? Chart things. Graph things. Keep track of stuff. Collect data on something. So as I've been reading The Four-Day Win I came to the section where I was asked to create 'daymaps'. These are maps of my circadian rhythm. You draw a circle, at the top is midnight, the bottom is noon, plot the times around that. Then plot when you sleep, go to work, eat, rest, exercise, etc as you do them and make a pie chart. The trick is to be honest in what I record, obviously, as lying to myself is detrimental to, well, everything :) I love making my daymaps. I like to see the data as it collects and builds. I like to see in print where my routine is best and where it could use improvement. Even if I'm not happy with the information in it, I like to see it emerge as a pattern. Like I always thought I was only on a short hiatus from practicing yoga, but I can see I've simply not made any time for it at all. I can't even fool myself into thinking that I have done any recently....because I haven't!

Until now. One thing I decided from this was to put yoga into my schedule again. I like it a lot, I like the way I feel stronger, leaner, thinner and with better lubricated joints. I found, by looking at my trusty daymap, that I was wasting about ten minutes a day on the computer in the morning before work. So I stuck yoga in there instead! Now I practice about 7-10 minutes of yoga before work instead of randomly surf the net. I feel better, move easier at work and my posture is already improving. Funny how when I had a half an hour of yoga five times a week I was moving very easily and felt physically fit and without it I feel sluggish, creaky and old. And it really didn't take any time at all for my body to completely forget the flexibility that yoga gave me. I now need to work up to touching my toes again, they seem so far away at the moment.

The other thing that was a revelation was when she quoted a client by saying that ninety percent of staying in shape is getting to the gym. Keeping in mind that Ms Beck believes that Everest could be leveled one trowelful at a time, she said to simply get to the gym - but not work out. Just get into the habit of getting to the gym and sitting in your car for five minutes. After four days of getting to the gym consistently, go into the gym and do a five minute workout. Do that for four days, then up the workout to ten minutes. Keep increasing until you are working out at a comfortable level - not too strenuous and so it doesn't exhaust you the next day. So I've started just rolling out my yoga mat after work and sitting on it. A gentle stretch feels good after work but I convince myself that I don't have time or I'm too tired. But I'm really not too tired to just sit on it :) Next week I'll begin an easy workout to stretch my sore work muscles and see if it works :) Oh, and, Martha uses the gym as an example because she really likes going to the gym. I like yoga, but I can see it for anything. First get into the habit of getting to the location where I start my activity, then work upwards from there.

I love this book :) One definite thing I like about it is there is nowhere that she demands, asks, cajoles, or expects me to give up chocolate. Funny thing is, I don't seem to want it as much anymore.

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