29 November 2008


My son
had an anti-bullying day at school on Friday and the students were told they should wear pink to show their support. J didn't want to wear pink, instead he wanted his hair pink. So off I went in search of Punky Color in pink. I was surprised at how easy it was to find, and the color turned out to be very vibrant pink. He thought it was awesome :)

When his school d
ay was over, he told me he can't go to school on Monday because they have a no-dye policy. Well. I called the school and yes, the students were allowed to dye their hair for the special day, but otherwise it's not allowed. I warned them that J's pink hair would take 5-40 washes to come out, so it may be a tad pinkish by Monday. They found that acceptable (although if I can't get it all out of J's hair I'll send an email reminding them the dye is temporary and is in the process of being removed). So far I've washed his hair five times. That's thirty-five washes to go in two days :)

On a side note: I can see schools having a problem with some things, like underwear showing or rude words written on the skin or printed on clothing. But hair dye? I've always seen it as a form of personal expression that doesn't hurt anyone. He's not being unkind or rude by having pink or green hair. I just don't see it as a sign of disrespect (unless rude words/images are dyed in or cut into the hair). Both of my sister
s dyed their hair, one even used the blue, purple and pink dyes. To me it's like wearing a loud shirt instead of an ordinary one. People will look, but it's harmless. Anyway, I told J that he has two weeks off at Christmas, two weeks off for spring break and seven weeks off in the summer, he can make his hair a rainbow during those times.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the no hair dye rule applies to the teachers as well....?
Love, Mom

Michelle said...

I agree with you! I figure if my boys are good kids and students and they want to dye their hair go ahead. I think it's kinda neat. I wouldn't have a problem with that at all. There are other things that will be a concern to me and hair colour isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture!! Great color.
Aunt Margaret

Chantelle said...

I love the colour (and the photo)! He looks good in that colour.

How would the school know if someone dyed their hair a more "normal" colour?

I don't understand why they ban hair colouring - are they worried about people drawing offensive statements in their hair?

We could have a hair-dyeing party when I'm there :)

Hugs and love,