01 November 2008


Another Halloween has come and gone. This year I decided to keep track of how many kids came to the door. I know my mom used to do this, and I just thought this was something only she did. But at work people would talk about how many children they got and how it was different than the years before. So I was wondering how many came here.

This is only the second year that I've given out candy. Every other year I was taking my kids out so I wasn't home. Yes, I had a husband who could have helped, but he didn't. He was either working or on the computer. A lot of parents from my boys' elementary school would find it disgraceful that we didn't hand out candy when we were out in the world taking it from others. So I told everyone that I would give it out when I didn't have to take my boys out. Now I don't take my boys out and I give out candy. Build some of that good karma :)

So this year I got ready and counted all the candy I was going to give out. I made sure to pack a bowl full of all the little bars that didn't get eaten in our house (mostly Crispy Crunch) and some jelly candy my younger son J bought for himself and got sick of. J also told me he wants to be the kind of house that gives out chips, so I bought chips this year. I had 60 chips and 63 bars to give out.

I was thinking it would be busy this year with no snow. Most Halloweens we've had some snow on the ground. I remember trudging through biting wind, freezing snow and ice with my boys. Very rare is it warm (only one that I remember well, J was just over 1yr old T was about to turn 3) or dry. So this year with no wind, no snow, no ice, no freezing rain, I expected I would run out of candy and have to dip into my bowl on the counter of good bars.

I waited for the neighborhood to turn on their porch lights (parents everywhere - remember that if the porch light is off there is no candy, it's one of my Peeves that kids knock on the door when the light is off) or hear the kids approach. But this year the Daylight Savings is different, so at 6pm it was still light out. Very odd. My whole life that I remember it was dark by six, so to see the sky still gray with light was strange. I didn't have my light on until 630pm and it was still a bit light, but got dark very fast. I could hear a trickle of kids but they weren't coming to my door, at which point S asked if the light was on. It was, but burnt out. After the new bulb was in, kids started arriving.

Lots of fairies this year with sparkles in their hair, wings and spangly outfits. Very cute :) I wish we had hair sparkles when I was growing up. Oh, and no glasses for me, make me feel less chubby and feel pretty, while I'm wishing for changes in my past. One girl dressed as a model, using a huge red patent naugahyde purse for candy collection and stumbling on little heels. The one I loved the most was a little boy, maybe one and a half. Before language, but walking well. He was dressed as a gray cat in one of those fake fur zip-up onesie toddler costumes with a drawstring hood. He had huge brown eyes that seemed to be accentuated by the hood fitting so close to his head. He got to the top of my steps with help from his dad (I have six concrete steps that angle down towards the sidewalk. Really awful to navigate). The boy tried looking into my house but got distracted by the candy I put in his bag. He was so cute I wanted to pick him up and squeeze him, but I thought the dad may object to that so I passed on the opportunity and wished him Happy Halloween instead.

All told I had only 47 kids come to the door. 47. That's it. I'm sure there were more last year. And I didn't get any teenagers at all. Even when I would come home with my boys in previous years there would be knocks at the door later at night from the teens. And I could hear the kids still running house to house when I would get home. This year: no teens, no kids running around, no knocks after about 8pm. No early kids out before dark (that I could hear, and I was listening for them). I was watching how many neighbors had their lights on and it didn't seem like very many. Well, from what I could see from my front window, anyway. I wonder where all the kids went. Maybe they just grew up like my boys and are trick-or-treating in a different area. I wonder if there will be lots of kids next year or if this is the beginning of the end of trick-or-treaters in my area.

Oh and, if global warming is to blame for the lack of snow then seriously, bring it on. I am ok with fewer months of snow.

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