08 November 2008


I've been playing with Photoshop for a while now and have built up quite the selection of images. My older son T asked to have a copy of them on his computer so I let him copy what I'd made at that point. He set them up on his computer as a screen saver that randomly rotates the images. Very flattering :) Even more flattering was when he asked me if his Robotics Club could use one image as a logo! He showed me this one that he'd chosen and I mentioned he should ask the other teammates what they would like. T said they already voted 100% on this one. Then he asked if I would design one for the Junior Team, maybe something yellow that looks like thunder. Thunder is a sound so that should be an interesting project. I remember doing a diarama in grade five of thunder and it was hard. What I'd wanted to do was put speakers in the corners and pump in thunder noises. But of course I didn't ask for help from anyone and I couldn't figure out how to do it. Now it would be easier with tiny iPods, then I'd've had to use my Walkman or a (gasp!) record player. Anyway, I said I'd give it a shot at designing something but no guarantees. I can't believe my teenager likes the images I make :) Aren't they supposed to generally dislike parenal stuff?

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The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

omg this is so beautiful!