12 December 2008


I mentioned earlier that S and I bought an elliptical machine.....and oh my goodness do I love it! We were going to buy a treadmill and just happened to be at Sears looking at their display models one Saturday. S wandered over to the elliptical at one point so I followed and tried them out. Back when I had a gym membership I used the elliptical almost every visit. I also learned I didn't much like the bikes or stepping machines, but liked the elliptical and treadmill. Ultimately we decided to go with the eliptical because it's easier on your knees and S has bad knees. Ok, mine creak and crunch now but they never used to. I think I ruined my knees by lifting the 32kg pails of glucose up onto my scaling counter at work. The glucose now comes in 25kg pails, thank goodness. My knees don't actually hurt though. I know, give it time and they will :)

Being the impulse shopper that I am, we decided to buy the elliptical right then and there and take it home with us instead of having it delivered. No, the big box did not fit into my little Saturn. We had to take it out of the box (and sign the receipt saying we did so if there is a problem the store can say it's our fault) and take it home in pieces. When we paid for the elliptical the saleswoman said they were going to be on sale in a week. She told us to come by with the receipt and we would be refunded the difference. Of course it was my first stop in the errand run of that day....and we got an additional $525 back! Lovin' that :) We didn't buy the best machine they had, nor the worst. I'm hoping to get at least five months out of it, that would be the same cost as using the one at the gym.

We've had it for about three weeks now and I've only missed a handful of days on it. I absolutely love it. Even on the days when I'm not sure if I want to do a whole half hour program I end up doing the whole thing. I think it's because I'm already in motion so it's easier to stay in motion. Maybe. Or I just like listening to really loud music on my new cell phone mp3 player :)

Usually, I think of a cell phone as just a phone but when I was told this one has an mp3 player in it (super easy to download songs onto) I was sold. Then the Fido guy showed me it was a touch screen front (lockable so I don't accidently set something off) with a moving fire pattern in the front, well that was just gravy. And because our family plan contract was up for renewal, the four of us could get new phones and sign up for another couple of years. And because I had lots of Fido Dollars the upgraded handsets were free. I love free. It's my favorite price.

While we were shopping for the elliptical, we ran into this odd machine. It's a platform that vibrates. Hard. The sales floor shook while we tried it out. S liked it. I tried it. My brain just about wiggled out of my ears. I felt like my eyeballs were going to jiggle right out of my head. I think if I tried to use it longer than 10 seconds I would chip a tooth or need to reattach my brain to the stem. Interestingly, after trying it out I really had to pee. I would recommend it to people who really like that whole earthquake experience. S said the platform reminded him of the weight belts of the fifties.

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