23 December 2008


<-- My nightmare, courtesy of failblog.

Do you know what freaks me out more than just about anything else? Plumbing. Icky, pipey, wet, drippy plumbing. As family members can attest to, I have a fear of toilets. Not a huge fear or anything. I use them like anyone else. But I don't think I used a public one and flushed it until junior high.

One thing that made my day worse yesterday: my toilet stopped working. Good thing I have two toilets.The little cha
in that connects the flusher handle to the flapper valve broke. Now, I could have replaced this on my own. Probably. Although it would have meant me putting my hands into the toilet tank and that's not a very likely scenario. Instead I called the plumber. They couldn't come yesterday so they are here right now. They have been here a little over an hour, replacing the whole flapper assembly. Apparently it's not fitting properly. One plumber appears to be in training as well. Oh lucky me. I suppose I could have just gotten used to lifting the toilet tank lid and lifting the flapper with my long-handled (soon to be thrown out) comb to flush, but that's creepy. There are pipes and things in there. Eeeww. So the final bill will be about $160 for something that could have cost about $10 at Home Depot. Really, sometimes it's just worth it to pay someone to do something.

I could bill the landlord for this but I probably won't. He prefers I use his plumber. But his plumber is deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other so I have to shout at him. And he's smelly. And he doesn't replace things, just 'fixes' them because it's cheaper that way. He also doesn't seem to have the landlord's billing info, ever, so I have to get it for him each time. Somehow he seems to think I want to sit and chat with him as well. Just ick. Fix the thing and get out is more my style. So my logic is that if I call my plumber with their fixed rates and courteous staff I'll pay, if I call his never-available plumber I'll bill the landlord.

The plumbers just left to go to Home Depot to get a part. It was the chain that was broken! Good God Almighty why didn't they just attach a new chain!?!
Why do they feel the need to redo the whole damn interior of my toilet? Actually, I asked them and they said it was because the flapper I had in there wasn't working, it was going to be leaking soon. Except it's definitely leaking now! They have tried four, yes four, flappers and none fit. Well, the original one fit. Maybe they are at Home Depot finding a new one like the original. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just make my toilet work properly oh gods of the universe, please?

The Down w
ill pass eventually, usually I bounce out without any outside influence. Neat thing is sometimes I can actually feel it happening. I'll be indulging myself in all kinds of sad thoughts, really getting into a deep funk. Then....bounce....it's like suddenly having my eyes opened. I'll be able to see and wonder why I felt immobile when there is so much to do. This is not likely to happen as long as the plumbing in the house is not working properly.

And just for fun, this is the imprint in the snow in my front yard that I see every time I look outside:
From another angle it looks like a cat or rabbit was launched into the yard and left this mark. There are pawmarks leading away from it. From this angle it looks like...yeah....


Anonymous said...

Your toilet is probably in imperial measurements from waaaaayyyyy back and the ones the plumbers have are probably metric. At least that's the way it works in my apartment:(

Having lived with you and your toilet phobia, I can vividly imagine how much your this all must have freaked you out!
Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

I totally empathize with the toilet problems as well :( I hate having toilet issues of any kind. Hopefully the toilet problems (and your Down) will be gone soon.

Hugs and love,