20 December 2008

Update and Union

I picked up my car from the mechanic yesterday. He checked it over and found the whoompa noise is the sway bar (?) in the steering column. The ability to steer my car seems rather important so I asked if it was necessary to fix it right away as I mentally juggled my budget. He said no, it's just a bushing in the column that can be looked at in the spring when I bring it in to fix the oil pan gasket leak. So...cool! The car also has no damage at all from its snowplowing experience. I figure the snow saved me on that one. Because there was a buildup of snow I didn't hit the curb of the median, I just glided up like I would on a slight hill. When I asked how much I owed for the inspection and whoompa locator, he said it costs nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. So I got my car back on the highway that I'm now a bit afraid of and drove to work, bought two cakes with my discount, and gave them to the mechanic. It worked out to the same cost I expected to pay anyway and it made his day.

Now I'm off to a Union meeting for work. Our contract expires at the end of this year so we need to discuss what we want to see in our new contract. It felt a bit like I was on Survivor for a while. Every time I'd walk by a pod of people they were discussing what they should ask for. Things like paid personal days in addition to our sick days, a pension plan and a yearly increase of 6%-9% in our pay. The last one is not reasonable to me. Canada's inflation rate is 2.7% and we are receiving a cost of living wage increase every January of 3%. Anything more seems a tiny bit greedy in this economy. Especially since we sell our cakes in the US. With the recession down there we can expect a decrease in sales. If we have too much of a decrease, how is the company going to pay for us to have a wage increase? Anyway, it'll be interesting.

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