13 January 2009

Diet Soda

Diet soda makes people fat! I attended a webinar with Oprah and Bob Greene last night. The subject was diet and fitness - two of my favorite tv topics - and near the end Bob Greene went through his list of things to cut out for a month. When he got to sodas the message boards apparently lit up with people asking if they can include diet soda instead of regular soda. The answer was no.

Regular soda is just not good for people at all, but most everyone knows that. It's full of sugar and chemicals and has absolutely no nutritional value at all. I've heard it referred to as 'liquid candy' and that seems about right. Doesn't keep me from enjoying the occasional can of the stuff, but it does keep me from drinking it like it's the only liquid out there. Actually, I used to drink it all the time. Especially after I moved out of my parent's house. Suddenly I had no supervision with it and I was the one in control of buying as much of it as I wanted. Funny thing though, I found that when I'm thirsty I really only want water. Nothing else quenches my thirst or makes me feel as good. Pop is tasty, but kinda sickening too.

Diet soda is not good for us for another reason. It makes us fat! Ok, studies are being done that indicate people get fat from drinking diet soda. Some suggest it's because the artificial sweetener causes people to want to eat more sweet things. Bob Greene suggested it was because when you drink the stuff your body makes room for the impending calories, when the calories don't arrive you start looking for some and begin eating. The New York Times reported that researchers have found a link between Metabolic Syndrome and one can of diet soda a day. It's also been suggested that because it's 'diet' that enables the consumer to eat more of something else to compensate. How many people do you know that thought they were being healthy by ordering a diet soda with their super-sized meal?

It's like the food companies are trying to keep us fat so we will buy more diet books, programs, plans or foods. Or maybe that's just me being paranoid :)

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The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

or... it's like the diet companies keep coming up with reasons why we're fat so we don't have to accept that it's really because we eat too much!

very interesting info, anyway...