31 January 2009


I saw lightning last night. Lightning. In January. Definitely a first for me.

I was picking T up from McDonald's and thinking about how it was warm enough that I didn't wear a coat even though it was January. Once I got to the building I parked in front so T would be able to see me. As I was watching for T to come out a huge wind came up from nowhere. The wind hit my car so hard I thought it was going to be lifted off the ground. I looked outside the windows to see if something had hit me - nope just the wind - and then I saw a blue flash. Now, if this had been April or May I wouldn't have thought twice about it...but January? Definitely not the time of the year to have a lightening storm.

After a bit I turned back around in the car to see if T was coming out or not - just in time to see all the lights go out. Several lightening flashes followed. I didn't hear any thunder at all so I thought the wind somehow knocked the lights out. T did eventually get to leave work even though they were on lockdown and I got him home just before the freezing rain started. I still had to go exceptionally slow as the side streets looked like glass from the previous day's rain and night's freeze.

T checked the weather network as soon as he got home and found out it was a cold front moving in very quickly (winds clocked at 100km/hr). The cold front didn't stay though. It's windy today but hovering around 0 C. Normally I would expect to be in a deep freeze if a cold front comes in.

I find myself being cautiously optimistic about an early Spring. Of course, now I've just jinxed it by saying it :)

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Chantelle said...

Lightning and freezing rain.... that sounds almost like Ontario weather!

I very much hope you get Spring, because I'd like to have some Spring here, too, please :)