01 January 2009

New Year

Another year has come and gone. I don't usually look back and take stock of the previous year or put a lot of stock in what could happen in the next year. I've had too many New Year's Resolutions fail to bother setting goals just because it's the first of January. And I don't live in the past so it seems like a bit of a waste of time for me to sit and re-live a year. I do on occasion compare where I am now to where I was before, but that's not limited to the end of the calendar year. It's more to check in to see if the changes I wanted to make were implemented and whether or not they were successful. So no resolutions here, more just a continuation of living a life that keeps me content.

Last night I had my two sisters over to play board games. I laughed until my sides hurt which is always a good thing. My boys joined us which was a bit of a surprise, I was sure they'd be on their computers for the night. The games we chose - Theories and Things (with modifications) were excellent in allowing me to peek through the cracks and see how everyone's mind works. That is something I enjoy more than anything: the ability to see how another person thinks in their choice of answers to a game. There are people out there whose minds I'd like to crawl in to so I can see how they think and why they perceive the world in the way that they do.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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