02 January 2009

Probably TMI

Warning - this post may contain TMI....

I have 34 bras. Yep. 34. And this is the number after I put some in my donation bag. I have no idea how many pairs of panties I own.

I like to have lots of pretty undies. And even just lots of functional undies. I suspect that this collection of undergarments is just my way of dressing up without outwardly appearing so, or it's because I grew up with just plain cotton. Either way, I've amassed quite the collection.

I even keep them all separated. Not in individual drawers - that would be insane. Oh no, I keep the panties by fabric - cotton in one drawer and non-cotton in another drawer. Each drawer arranged by size, style and color. For the bras I also have two drawers, one for the DD cups and another for the C and D cups. My weight fluctuates a fair bit so I have lots of sizes. In clothes I have sizes from 5 all the way up to 16.

Some would assume that the problem with so many bras is choosing which one to wear each day. Why no, that's not the case at all. In fact, it's difficult to find one that fits each day. I have my favorites - one for exercise, one for everyday, one for work. But each manufacturer creates a bra differently and so each one fits differently depending on my weight and/or the time of the month (you ladies know what I mean).

I recently went through my bra drawers and discarded the ones where the band size is too large but the cup size is too small. Those aren't likely to fit me again, ever. If my band size goes up so does the cup size. I don't know why they fit when I bought them, maybe the bands stretched out too much or something. Anyway, they went into the giveaway bag that I keep at the foot of my bed. When the bag fills up I donate it all to Goodwill. Now I'm left with 34 sort-of ok fitting bras. If I lose another 10 pounds I'll fit nicely into several of them. If I gain 15 pounds I'll fit into several more.

In this culling process I ran into the Best Bra For Work Ever Created. It's Maidenform 7069 and (sob) discontinued. I liked it best for work because it fit perfectly around the band, the underwire didn't pinch, held the 'ladies' in place comfortably without creating the Four-Boob effect, and was slightly padded so there was no nippleage to be seen.

However, when I bought it on eBay I could only get white so I dyed it tan. Or rather, I tried to dye it tan. See, I don't like to show my bra under my clothes. White glows under my work shirt and dark colors showing through make me feel trashy. So I tried to dye it but kept it in the dye too long creating a very dark tan with greenish sides. I suspected the different fabric of the band would dye differently than the cups and boy was I right. I had purchased two of these bras at the same time - one D and one DD. After the mistake with the first one, I put the second one in the dye for less than a minute and it turned out to be a nice pale beige. But the good one is too small for me right now so it's nestled in the drawer of smaller sizes until I lose some weight.

In hopes of lightening the color I bought color remover in the same brand as the original dye I had used. I followed the instructions and filled my washer (better agitation and more even distribution of the dye or remover than using the stovetop), added the bra and then the color remover. The instructions said it should be about 15-20 minutes of agitation to remove the color. It also said that darker colors or prints may not come completely out. No problem. The bra was dark tan with greenish icky sides and no dyed print.

After an hour of agitation I managed to get the color reduced by half. Now it's just a bit darker than I would normally buy. I'll check it in daylight to see if it shows under my work shirt. I hope not, I really like a bra that makes me forget I'm wearing one at work. The last thing I want to be doing is adjusting myself all day, you know?

One thing I've considered is having a bra custom made. The problem is my weight. If I gain or lose as little as 7-10 pounds the bra no longer fits. If my weight stays steady for a year I'll give it more thought. Until then I'll haunt my favorite lingerie stores and continue my search for a well-fitting bra. And maybe devote another drawer as my two for bras are becoming a bit over crowded.

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Anonymous said...

I've found that when dyeing intimates, the best thing to use is Orange Pekoe tea as it safely gives a nice nude tone. Brew up a strong pot, let cool then put in the garment. Check every few minutes until it's about the colour you want.

Love, Mom