21 January 2009

Ramblings of a Bean

Huh. Eventful couple of days over here in The Land of The Tired.

To start my week, I was getting the %$#* transfers printed for T using T's printer and the ink cartridges he bought. The transfers were refusing to be fed by the printer no matter how many times I tried to align them. And this was after I'd already printed one tester copy and was getting ready to print the final design. As much as I wanted to throw the printer across the room I knew that would be counterproductive, so instead I waited for S to be done his shower to look at it. S took the back piece off and discovered several sheets of looseleaf unlined paper that T had put in the printer the day before. T had used this paper before without problem. Oh but not this time. It was jammed so tightly that the pressure on the paper snapped a little plastic piece. It turns out the printer needs that piece to feed paper. The printer cannot be manually fed.

Oh joy. So S and I talked about our various options:
  • Go to my sister's house and use her printer and all her ink (she kindly volunteered her printer). Obviously we would buy her new cartridges.
  • Buy a new printer for T since it isn't worth the cost to repair it.
  • Take the shirts to a professional printer and eat the cost.
  • Dump the shirts back in the teacher's lap and let her deal with it.
  • Use the school's one and only color ink jet printer.
We went with the last option because it would cost zero dollars. I went to the school on Monday and had T escort me to the computer lab where I had to show the computer teacher how to open T's USB drive. Hm. We got them all printed, both the dark transfers for the senior team and the light transfers for the junior team. The light transfers needed to have the image mirrored because they iron on differently so I tried to explain to the computer teacher how to flip horizontal. Eeek. He ended up flipping it both horizontally and vertically and didn't seem to understand that once it's printed I can just rotate the actual paper 180 degrees. He worried that it was upside down. Eventually he did get the image set and ready for printing. I did have to listen to all his hints about the cost of ink though. Like how the students have to pay a dollar per page to discourage them from using it. I told him that was an excellent idea, students will definitely take advantage....and then told him we only had nine more to go. He talked about how the printer we used has six cartridges and are expensive. I said I imagine they are....now only four pages left.

After all that I did manage to get the dark transfers ironed on. I used my countertop like my sister V suggested. When I could smell the wood cooking under the laminate I moved my ironing towel over a bit. I just have to get the light ones done for the junior team. I'll do that today. Really. I will.

My car got hit at work as well. I had to park a little away from the curb because of snow buildup and I park right on the edge of the entrance to the delivery side of the building. We regularly have semi trucks coming in for deliveries and pick ups and I did wonder how long it'd be before I got hit. My lucky day was yesterday. Our driver saw a semi get wedged as he was trying to back into our receiving area and watched as the semi hit my car. I took my lovely car to the mechanic and found out everything is fine. Just a surface scratch on the bumper. The mechanic did point out the large hole in my muffler (the car was on a hoist and we were both standing under it). I mentioned the hole would be the reason my car is so loud but not to worry, when my tax refund comes in I'll fix the muffler and the oil pan gasket leak. Maybe even the sway bar. But first, I have to file my taxes.

One coworker is adamant that I should report the semi driver and get the bumper fixed as he didn't report it. I only know my car was hit because of a witness. I don't want to bother with the claim, it's not worth it. My car is old (1993) and not pretty. As long as it runs well I don't care if the body has some dings and scrapes. Now if the damage had squished the tailpipe and I could get a free muffler, well, that's another story...

We are going to a four day week at work. We sorta took a vote about whether or not to work for days a week at eight hours a day or five days a week at five or six hours a day. The union rep didn't ask everybody and it was verbal, but the majority was the four day week. I personally prefer the five day week with less hours because I am getting really good at assaulting the canine and can manage to get a full shift most of the time. We had a little meeting today as well and it was determined that it will be Fridays off. Well, I can live with that :) I'd way prefer a Friday to a Monday off. I suppose it'll be good to learn to live on less money anyway. It'll seem like a treat to go back to a regular schedule. Hopefully not a long wait before going back to the regular schedule though.

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