23 February 2009

Car and Mouse

I had mentioned the possibility of buying myself a newer car before, well, I took it for a test drive today. Man alive, it is a boat. It's a 2000 Impala and reminded me of my parents' Crown Vicki they had. The thing was huuuuuge. Compared to my car, anyway :)

During my test drive I made sure to take it on the highway as I travel the highway to and from work every day. It came up to speed easily and held to the road. The real test for me was crossing snowy lanes at 80km/hr-100km/hr. My Saturn doesn't do it. Nope. You have to convince the car that it's safe to go and even then it tries to stay in the ruts instead of changing lanes. The Impala plowed right through like the snow wasn't even there. I took the Impala on side roads that my Saturn can't go over 10 km/hr (5, really, 10 with no wind) on and was able to keep it at 25 km/hr. I could have gone faster but didn't want to test how easily it may lose control. The impala handled beautifully as well, no trouble steering or braking. It really is gigantic though. When I was done I felt more like I was docking it than parking it. I will have to learn where the edges of the car are as I have no idea. For a while I'll have to park far away from everyone so I can get out easily. And maybe visit an empty lot and practice backing up so I can see how close I can get to things.

I wanted to buy the car right then, but they are going to put a new driver's mirror on first. The one that's there is cracked and distracting. They are also going to replace the missing mudflap (there were mudflaps?) and check to see why the little Message Center in the dash told me the tire pressure was low. So I have to call tomorrow and see if it's ready. Then I will be able to pick up my new car :)

Once I got home I was on the computer, of course. I think I live in front of it sometimes. I was explaining to my boys how they would have to pay for cell phone calls during the day starting in about an hour, when I dropped my pen mouse. This wasn't the first time I'd dropped it, so I wasn't really surprised when it wouldn't work. It's very difficult to operate a computer without a mouse. Now I have this...this..archaic corded mouse that I have to use until my new pen mouse comes in. Oh yeah, I bought one on eBay as soon as I could get back on the computer. Lucky that I'm destashing on eBay to offset the cost a bit :)

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Anonymous said...

Ummm... The Beast was an Impala :)

Love, Mom