20 February 2009

Destashing and Cars

As I've mentioned before, it's not very busy at work. My job involves a lot of sorting and organizing so it feeds my need to, well, sort. But lately I've been spending more time standing around and chit-chatting than actually working.

So today I had the day off because of the lack of work thing and I thought it might be fun to destash some of my stuff. My little sister V recently started destashing her stuff on Etsy and has sold a fair bit. I don't really have much of a stash of anything...except cross stitch supplies. I haven't done much stitching since I started my job three years ago so I decided it was time to let go of some stuff. Well, all the stuff really.*

It took two and a half hours to photograph everything and arrange it all in groups. It took another five hours to list it all on eBay. It took so long because I thought I had to wait for each photo to load before moving on to the next step. Once I found out I didn't have to wait things went much faster. So, if anyone is curious to see the amazing deals you can go here. I started every listing at $0.25 in a copy of what a friend of mine did years ago. She had an eBay sale of Mary Kay Cosmetics and in her sale she listed everything for $0.01. I do believe every single item sold. Oh, and they were new cosmetics, I think her mom was destashing from her business. In a way I hope everything sells. But I also really like the silk hand dyed floss. I just never put it to good use and it was a little overwhelming to see it all the time, y'know?

*Note to family - thank you so much for the gifts of cross stitch patterns and supplies over the years, I really loved them! But it's time to let someone else enjoy them now :)

In other news, my car blew a gasket. Almost. And several. I already knew about the oil pan gasket and had arranged to have that fixed at the next oil change in late March. When I took the car in to the mechanics yesterday I told him about a mysterious coolant leak as well. He replaced my muffler as planned (no more waking the dead as I rumble down the road) and found the water pump seal/gasket was leaking. As well the radiator was leaking. And the transmission bearing was making an odd noise. Let's see...also the front struts are noisy and weak and the front wheel bearings need replacing. Oh, and, to top it off, the cylindar head gasket is leaking...that one alone costs more than I paid for the car. And so begins the cascade.

I told him to replace the radiator and water pump and inwardly cringed at the cost. I know water pumps aren't cheap. The part itself isn't too bad, but it's never in an easily accessable location in the engine, so the labour is huge. The rest will have to wait until...never. S has a car loan that will be paid off in August, so I plan on babying my car until then and buying a new one. Well, new for me not new overall. When I picked up my car today I saw the bill was way less than I thought. I checked the items and see the labour on the water pump was only an hour and a bit. Hmmmm. Maybe bringing my mechanic his favorite cake (Black Forest) was a good idea :) We only started making the Black Forest and I don't even think they are being sold yet. Still in the development stage, I think.

I also talked to the receptionist (who is also the mechanic's wife) about the fact that my car is now disposable. She asked if I had seen her ads for cars on the bulletin board and I said I hadn't. She took me back to the waiting room and showed me two cars they own and are selling. One had the engine replaced (previous owner took the car to Lubex and they didn't tighten the oil filter. The filter fell off, the oil drained out, her engine seized, she gave up the car) by the mechanic and the other has had the upholstery and tires replaced. Both cars were inspected and fixed by the mechanic and they are selling them for about what they're worth. Maybe a little less. Anyway, one is a 2002 Sebring and the other is a 2000 Impala. The Sebring would be nice and luxurious, but expensive to fix/maintain. The Impala is ok and cheaper to fix. I'm actually considering buying myself a new car and giving my Saturn to the mechanic. He can fix all the gaskety things on it and sell it.
I'll need to test drive them first, obviously. I'm short and need to be able to actually see over the dash and out the back window. Oh, and to see if the cars handle ok.

I like my mechanic and trust him so I don't think he'd screw me over on a car. He's the one that gave me the lead on the Saturn two years ago and that worked out very well. I don't really want to buy a car right now, but I also don't want to spend a whole whackload of money on the car I have only to have more stuff go wrong. My Saturn is a '93 and doesn't much like winter anyway so maybe a different car would be better. Maybe a car made of metal...yeah...my Saturn is plastic and tends to want to blow off the road in the wind. Not even high wind, oh no, just gusty wind will do it.

Sigh...my tax return came in today and now I can bid it adieu.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

cool you are destashing! it can be addictive - like holding garage sales. that photo of your floss is beautiful!

is this the car breakdown season? the van died and we had toi get a new fuel pump. 1300 with towing... yeah, let's just say hooray for credit cards, destashing, and kevin's work incentives.

i haven't posted it on my blog, as i think i have too much negativity and experiences of bad luck on there already - it's getting a little old and i don't want to alienate people.

but, as you can see, reading about your experience is causing me to undergo an information dump! i'm silently saying shut up shut up to myself haha! still waiting to get my t4s to do taxes, sigh...


Chantelle said...

I'm sorry to hear that both of my sister's cars have broken down :( That really sucks, especially at this time of the year.

Robin, if you'd like some of my fabrics or my beads to use as destash material, let me know and I'll send them to you.