09 February 2009

It's February, and that means.....

....tax time.

Now I am one of those people that files my taxes early. Really. As early as I'm allowed by the government to Netfile, I hunker down and get it done. Actually, my taxes have been finished and in limbo for the last week. I completed my return, checked all my tax saving tips, paid Intuit for the use of their online tax software....and waited. The government didn't allow me to file using Netfile before, well, today. So yes, my tax return has been electronically filed as of about an hour ago. Did I check my bank account for my return yet? Nope. But I will tomorrow :) Because I file via the Internet and file early I usually get my return within two weeks. Sometimes as early as three days. Gotta love that.

As great as it would be to spend my refund carelessly I do have plans for it. J's school fees went up by 50% for next year (eeek!) so I paid that on my credit card. I found out that his school is a School of Choice and is the only one in the city. All schools in my city can be attended by any student from anywhere, but they all have a catchment area. The catchment area is a boundry, if you live within the boundry then the school must take you if you want to go there. Well, J's school doesn't have a catchment which means its population isn't determined by boundry and they can take as many students from anywhere as long as the school can hold them. Because the school is so popular they are looking at significant overcrowding next year and are asking the parents to put a non-refundable deposit down to hold your spot for the 2009/2010 school year. Instead of paying the deposit I paid the full amount just to get it over with. I really don't want to carry that debt for too long, so it'll be paid with my refund. And my ex's money. He owes 64% of the fees so he'll pay me.

Actually, he didn't want to pay his share originally. I had to remind him that I have full custody so I'm the one that makes decisions about the boy's educations. And I let him know that if he wanted we could go through a lawyer or mediator to solve the issue...but that I would also have his child support re-evaluated now that he's making more money. He caved. He'll pay when I submit the receipt. I won't count on that until I actually see his cheques and they clear my bank account.

My tax refund will also give my car a day at the shop. The muffler is so loud I'm afraid I wake the neighbors when I start my car to go to work at 4:30am. The big hole in the muffler is now also pumping a fair amount of exhaust into the passenger compartment. Not very healthy, I assure you. Luckily my car is old and leaky so I'm not choking on the fumes too much. That combined with the toasty sweet smell of burning coolant and it's just sickening to ride in my car. So it will have the muffler replaced and the control arm replaced and the coolant leak located. I really don't want it to be the water pump. Water pumps are just expensive chunks of metal to replace. Hopefully the intermittant coolant leak is something else, and something cheaper.

And that is all for my tax refund. No week-long getaway, no expensive toys, no giant savings fund. Nope. Just bills.

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