27 February 2009

Oooooh, I love my car!

I love my new car! I drove it to work yesterday for the first time and it was good to have the roads to myself. The Impala is large and wide so I had to feel where the lane was and make sure I stayed in it. There was just enough snow on the road that I could feel and hear every time my wheels left the lane I was in, that made things easy :) On the way home I took the slower highway so I could get used to driving with other cars on the road...and I saw the photo radar SUV a bit too late :) I suspect I'll be getting a ticket in the mail soon. As soon as I saw the SUV parked on the shoulder with the camera inside I glanced at my speedometer and saw I was going a bit over 80 km/hr in a 70 km zone! I couldn't hear the engine at all and I had absolutely no problems handling the car on the cold, snowy road. The Saturn would have been going 60 km/hr and I would have had difficulty controlling the back end.

I had to work today (actually, it was a choice. We needed to assemble sample cakes and were given the option of working. Right. I just bought a car, I'm not going to say no to work. Although it was tempting...) so I took the faster highway home. The slow highway is sandwiched between oil refineries so there are a lot of large trucks, a couple of lights and hills. You can't go above 80 km/hr but it's mostly 70 km/hr on that one. The faster highway is flat but a bit curvy. The wind is much more noticeable and you can drive up to 100 km/hr. Today it was very windy coming home and the only reason I knew that was because I saw the snow blowing across the highway. In the Saturn I would have been fighting to keep the car on the road with every gust of wind. Not even strong wind, just any side wind would knock that car around. The Impala easily got up to 100 km/hr and handled like it was a sunny, warm day. Have I mentioned I love my new car?

People at work were asking me if it was a v4 or v6 and I had no idea. I trust my mechanic so completely that it didn't even occur to me to look under the hood when I bought it. When I got home from work yesterday I popped the hood to check the engine, found the hood release in the front of the car, lifted the hood, and felt it move up, up, and away on its own. Ok, now I know it has hydraulic lifts in the hood. I looked up at the hood and wondered 'how am I going to get that back down?' I'm 4'11". The car is huge to me. S says the car is average, I'm just small. Anyway, it's a v6. That explains the power of the engine. Oh, and I had to go to the side of the car to grab the hood and lower it. I'll have to remember to watch my fingers when I do that, that hood was heavy and moved down fast.

Another thing I found out was how gigantic the windshield is. This morning I started the car and went to scrape the windows and had to reach waaaaaaay over to get near the middle. I mostly got it cleaned off. Figured I could just look through a bit of frost in the middle until it thawed.

I will also have to get used to a quiet car. The previous bunch of cars I've driven have been loud because of age. This one is so quiet that I started the car with the defrost fan blowing and thought my car had stalled out from the cold. I turned it off and restarted it, then wondered 'was my car running when I turned it off?' So now I remember to turn the fan off before starting the engine, that way I can hear if the car is running or not. Until I get remote start, then I can hear if it's running from outside the car. I love remote start. My Impala will have it before next Winter.

And what happened to the Saturn, you ask? I gave it away to a couple that could use the money. I figured they can either drive it as a second vehicle or sell it and keep all the money from the sale. I trust the driver I gave the car to, he's very experienced, so I know he'll be able to handle it in bad weather. And by 'bad' I mean cold, snowy, rainy, foggy, wet, icy or anything Not Summer. I told the couple all about the problems the car was having that I was aware of, the upcoming repairs on it and gave them copies of all the service records on it, so they know what they are getting - no surprises. And I told them they could sell it if they wanted/needed the money, no strings. I had thought of giving it to my mechanic because he sold me the Impala at such a good deal, but then thought this couple would be more in need of the money from the sale then the mechanic would.


Anonymous said...

It's nice that you now have a car that you love, not just something with 4 wheels to get you from here to there.

You remind me of the two most important men in my life:) Fist, my father. He was generous like you. In fact he gave your Aunt D a car for $1 when she was in university and dirt poor. I like to see that generosity in my daughters :)

And second, your Dad. Once he got behind the wheel of his first Impala (it was a brown one that the bus hit him in), there was no turning back to smaller cars. 'Course, it might also have been that fact that he walked away from that accident with the bus but the driver ahead (in a small car) wound up in his backseat with both legs broken.

Your Dad also accumulated his share of speeding tickets over the years because it is soooo easy to speed in a big comfy car.

Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

Congrats on your new car! I'm very happy for you :)

Love and hugs,