11 February 2009


My house feels weird. S is away on business for two days and it's just weird. I look outside and see his car, but his boots aren't here. Odd. Some people are used to this, and I suspect I will be as well...after it's happened a couple of times. For now it's just strange not having him in the same room practically all the time. He'll be back very late tonight and our routine will be back to normal pretty quickly, I would imagine.

Since S moved in with me and the boys we have spent very few nights apart. I'm pretty sure it's only been three nights. All due to J :) The first two were from when J had his appendix removed. I spent those nights in a plastic, somewhat padded couch and then rocking chair in J's hospital room. The next night S and I spent apart was when J was wrestling with T and got hit in the abdomen. I got to spend the night on a non-reclining chair in pediatric emergency. Both those times I knew S was at home at so I didn't think too much about it. And I was busy constantly thinking about J and how soon he'll bounce back and be ok :)

S will probably be traveling for work about four times a year, so I'll get used to it. Even look forward to it, I'm sure :)

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