13 March 2009

Frustrating day

My day was a bit frustrating today. I had the day off work again, which would be really cool except I'm not paid if I'm not working. This is the fifth or sixth Friday off now and no end in sight. People who have been working there for a long time even say that we have never worked a short week in March. I'm hoping it picks up soon. Oddly, we have no work on Fridays but the owners are starting renovations this week. They are adding a huge outdoor storage shed that will run the length of the building, and then changing the employee entrance location. They are supposed to start Monday. This is odd to me because they have been planning on moving the retail outlet to the end of the building for two years now. The freezer has been built and it is all set up for retail to move...but the move has taken two years. Now, suddenly, they are building a storage shed? When we are down to four-day weeks? Right when our collective agreement is being negotiated? Odd.

My frustration today started at the doctor's office. I took J to see a doctor to ask for allergy testing. He has a cold and was wanting a decongestant to help with the stuffiness. The last couple of times I gave him cough medicine he ended up in the emergency room because he couldn't breathe. He was diagnosed with asthma, but the asthma medication made absolutely no difference to his breathing or congestion. After the second trip to the hospital, I realized it coincided with me giving him cough medicine. When I told the doctors that, they said it's possible he has an adverse reaction - his lungs close up instead of open up - or an allergy. Either way, I was to keep it away from him, so I did. I asked our family doctor years later if it's possible he's outgrown it. She said it was, but if I was to give him some be prepared to go to emergency. So he hasn't had any cold medicine since he was two.

Anyway, I was at the pharmacy and explained all this to the pharmacist. I was asking for a decongestant that doesn't contain cough stuff. He said many cough medicines have decongestants and asked if I was sure it was the cough medicine or the decongestant that he was allergic to. Well, crap, I have no idea. Hence the trip to the doctor today.

We got there and met a new doctor as the doctor we were planning on seeing was away. The doctor listened and then told me there was no way to test for oral allergies. There are scratch tests on the skin, but that just tells if you have a skin sensitivity to the stuff that was scratched. Basically it's contact dermatitis. Huh. So I asked how you get tested for penicillin allergies if the scratch test doesn't work. Apparently, you lie in a hospital bed, they give you penicillin and wait with a syringe of stuff to stop you from dying. Seems extreme to me. The doctor did put in a referral to an allergist anyway, he said that allergists have ways of determining what's happening without involving hospitals. I expect that to take about three months to get an appointment.

So with the frustration of not having an answer or tangible solution yet, J and I went to the mall. Ok, he should have gone directly to school but really, the mall was only two minutes from the doctor's office. J didn't want to shop for underwear with me so he waited on some comfy couches outside the store. When I was in a different mall I had visited The Bay and saw they carry a new line of lingerie. I didn't have time to stop then, but knew I'd be coming to this other mall today and thought I'd look for it then. So there I was today, at The Bay in a different mall and they didn't have that line of lingerie! Well, dammit, it's the same store, why don't they all carry the same lines? Grrrrr. So I went to Sears in the mall, J still sitting on the couch playing with his phone, to pick up a second bra that fit really well.

I've learned that - as soon as I find a bra that fits beautifully, buy two or three before they are discontinued. So there I was at Sears, I found the bra and they also have a different line of lingerie that I hadn't seen before. They didn't have the pretty undies in my size but there is a Sears in a mall close to where I live. I was going to have to stop at the Safeway at that mall anyway, so I figured I'd just stop in at that Sears as well. Can you guess....that's right! They didn't carry that new line of lingerie! Grrrrrrrrrrrr x2. Ok. I don't need any new undies. But they were pretty.

Why is that, anyway? Why do department stores carry different brands at different locations? I expect it at Winners because of what they carry depends on what is sold to them by larger stores (frequently there are miscuts in the fabric, crooked zippers/seams, inside-out fabric on undies, or stuff that just didn't sell for whatever reason). So it's not surprising that some stores carry more designer stuff or more plus size stuff, but standard department stores carrying different lines at different locations? Just grrrr.

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