28 March 2009

I can't get enough

Do you know what I can't get enough of? Pita salads! I remember these from when I was still living with my parents. There is something about a powdery, sweet pita that makes the crunchy salad taste better. On Thursday after work I stopped at Safeway and bought every veggie that looked tasty, as well as a bunch of fruit, pitas and hummus. Oooooh, hummus. I like the roasted red pepper hummus on mini pitas as a snack. Mmmmmm. Although I'd only used hummus as a dip, I was reading in my Nutrition Action newsletter that hummus makes a great spread. So guess what I spread inside my pita to go with the salad......yep, hummus :)

Do you know what else I can't seem to get enough of? Cadbury mini Easter Creme Eggs. The big ones just have too much gooey fondant in them...but the mini ones have the perfect proportion of gooeyness to chocolate. Especially the fresh eggs, they have oozy gooey fondant. The stale eggs have solidified fondant which is much more difficult to slurp out of the shell. Not that I do that. Oh no. Nope. Not me. Well, not with the stale eggs anyway. The sheer amounts of creme eggs are probably the reason I've been craving veggies. My body is most likely screaming for some nutrition other than sugar and fat.

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