20 March 2009

Itty Bitty Book Review - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller

Yes, I've finished another book :) This one was also a fast read being only 239 pages long. It was also a book that I put on hold at the library and couldn't remember why. When I pick these books up I deliberately stay away from the inside cover or back so I don't form an opinion until I've started reading it.

This book begins with Pippa and her husband Herb (who is 30 years her senior) moving into a house in a retirement community that they found by accident some twenty years prior. After moving in Pippa notices that someone is eating food at night and leaving a mess to clean up. She immediately thinks it's her husband and asks him to see a doctor - but he won't without some evidence. They set up a video camera and capture Pippa sleepwalking in her kitchen.

At this point the book goes into some back story about Pippa and how she came to where she is in her life. It was particularly interesting to me because whenever I start a book and peek into a character's life I forget that there is the possibility of the character being someone other than who she/he is. Like real people. Sometimes when I meet someone new I just kind of assume the person they are showing me to be is the person they always have been. That isn't always the case. People have private lives that help impact who they become, but people don't always retain every aspect of who they were 10, 20 or 40 years ago. Just shards of experiences that make a whole mosaic of a person.

Rebecca Miller did an excellent job of pulling me in and keeping me from putting the book down. A lot of information is packed into the pages but it is easy to follow and pleasant to read. This was her first novel and I would definitely like to read something by her in the future.

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