09 March 2009

Just call me Captain Oblivious

This weekend was our food shopping weekend. The idea of shopping on pay weekends is something I grew up with and actually thought everyone also did. S had no idea and has learned to love it. Or at least tolerate leaving the house to fight with the masses every two weeks.

Anyway, I was looking into my decrepit fridge to see what we needed and what needed to be thrown out when I noticed the top shelf was sagging in one corner. I knew it would collapse under the weight of the milk jugs but I was hoping to not deal with it for quite some time. I played with the shelf, testing the strength of it, and wished yet again that the bottom shelf on top of the crisper was a bit farther from the middle shelf. Then there'd be room for the tall milk jugs. That's when I noticed it. The shelves are......adjustable.

Eleven years I've been living in this house and wanting to put my milk jugs on top of the crisper at the bottom of the fridge. Eleven years I've thought it would be cool if the shelves had different spacing. Eleven years I've been apparently living in the Land of Oblivious.

So of course I took the stuff off the shelves and moved them around and noticed....that I hadn't washed my fridge. Ever. I have mopped up the occasional spill if it's big enough. But usually I just would leave it and it would miraculously dry up and I would consider washing it later. Well, 'later' became Sunday as I got a bowl of soapy water and prepared to scrub. This was about the time I realized that I either have tiny faeries that clean the inside of fridge at night, or we are just a really clean family. There were no really icky spots to clean, no mold, no staining, not too much sticky pickle residue, and no foul odors.

The lack of odors may be because my fridge airs itself out. No, not by growing teenage boys holding the door open. More because the seal is not very good on the door. Years ago, I heard about a test to see how airtight your fridge is: take a single sheet of newsprint, open the fridge door, place the newsprint in the door with half hanging out, close the door, try to remove the newsprint with the door closed. The newsprint should rip if the seal is good. I did this test and as I closed the fridge door I watched the newsprint fall to the floor between the door and the fridge cavity. Oh yeah. No seal at all. I've been pretending not to notice that stuff at the front of the fridge is slightly warmer than the stuff at the back. Unless it's touching the side, then it's frozen.

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