27 March 2009


There is a lake in front of my house. It is almost as wide as the road and looks to be about two or three car lengths long. I suppose I could go outside and chip away at the snow and ice blocking the drain that is located on my corner of the intersection. That would have been something T would have done just for fun. But he's 14 now and cool. Chipping ice to watch water drain might not have the same sense of coolness as it did before puberty/adolescence arrived. And really, if I drain the Behemoth Puddle I wouldn't get to watch all the vehicles splash through it :)

There are drivers that see the puddle and do a U-turn to avoid it. Maybe they think it's too deep, full of potholes, or has a monster in it. Some cars try to go around the lake/puddle. They seem to be cautious and maybe unsure if there is a large pothole hiding in the water and they don't want to damage their cars. Still others drive through it slowly, feeling it out and checking for lumps and holes. Then there are the people who are relatively familiar with the area. They drive at a tad under their normal speed causing water to fan out from their tires and create a wake behind them. And there are the speeders. They might seem reckless but I suspect they have driven through the lake before. I watch as they pick up speed just a bit before hitting the water. These drivers splash through the Giant Puddle like a boy on a speeding bike, sending water cascading over the roof of their vehicle. This is particularly impressive when the vehicle is a minivan.

Gigantor The Puddle has also brought crows and some other small chirpy bird to the
trees nearby. One very brave crow has already waded in for a bath. He landed on the shoreline and literally waded into the water until it was up to his belly. Once he was satisfied that he had a good spot, he began flicking water over his head and ruffling his feathers. His bath ended early when he gave the right of way to a car.

ps - T came home from school and saw the puddle. He said he'll drain it when he gets home :) I asked where he was going and his response was 'out'. Hm. Just because I was vague with my parents doesn't mean he gets to be vague with me. Some poking and prodding revealed him to be going out to buy some electronics parts to build SomethingICan'tRememberButNotDangerous. To his credit he is navigating his own way to the store by bus so I don't have to drive him. Sometimes independance is a good thing.

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