05 April 2009

I spy with my little eye...

...something that is green - weeds!

I'd love to say 'grass' or 'leaves' but really, I'm in Northern Alberta, there is still snow in my yard. But where the snow has melted the weeds have begun sprouting :) Now it's time for the messy bits of Spring to be dealt with.

I have a grass driveway, large front and back yards, a large grassy side yard that goes to the road, and a grass boulevard lined with trees that separates the front sidewalk from the road. Oh, and two boys aged 12 and 14 that have left chunks of stuff all over the grass all winter. Even though the snow isn't completely gone I started my Annual Spring Yard Clean Up. So far I've found a bicycle tire, bike rim, broken plastic sled bits, a glove, two spoons, two towels, a large broken elasticy-plastic thingy, several bits of paper garbage, a large rectangular piece of plywood, three broken chunks of an old mop handle, an ice scraper head and a very misshapen rake. I put what I could in a bag and set the rest out near the garbage in hopes my waste collection people take it anyway.

What is still frozen in the snow is at least one old bike (missing many parts), several broken plastic storage tubs, two long cords that are used to plug our cars in, a shingle, another mop handle, a football, about a dozen cotton balls, and about a million little helicopter seeds. No, not the kind of seeds that grow helicopters. The kind of seeds that fall from a tree in a spiral pattern and germinate in the tiniest bits of dirt. They end up creating many, many more trees which produce more seeds. I'll clean all that up when the snow is gone and the permafrost has receded a bit more.

Right now the ground is still frozen so the melting snow isn't all being absorbed. Well, my dirt/grass driveway is trying to absorb the water but it's just making soup. And there is a patch of grass right in the middle of the path to the cars that isn't absorbing water at all. Instead I have a puddle a couple of feet in diameter and at least an inch deep. That'll become a mouldy spot if Mother Nature doesn't drain it or dry it out with wind. But this week is supposed to be warmer. Dare I hope to wear my Spring coat and sneakers?

One neat thing about this mess is that the snow feels like little glass balls. It doesn't soak through clothes right away, but it did collect nicely in the cuffs of my sweatpants and in the tops of my shoes. That way I thought I got away with not getting wet until I got inside and it promptly melted.

You know it's Spring when you have a shoeful of slush and smile anyway :)

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Queenneenee said...

haha-your yard sounds like mine. There are toys and junk everywhere I look. I also have a son, 13. Who WILL be cleaning all that mess up. I want a pretty yard this year!