23 April 2009

Minor repairs

I remember when I moved into this house almost eleven years ago, I had four keys. One for each lock on the doors (two in front and two in back). When my ex left I had the locks changed and made sure that all the locks had the same key. Life was so easy after that.

My landlord and son were over today (and in much better spirits) and went about fixing all the little things they said they'd fix. Even the door locks :) I got the handle on the front door replaced as well as the back bolt lock. Now I have one key that opens the back handle and front bolt, a different one that opens the back bolt, and yet another different one that opens the front handle. Hey....I should switch the locks so I have the same stinking key opening both locks in the back as that is the door I use most often.

They both want me to vacuum the back of the fridge as well. It has cold zones, you see. If something is placed on the right side touching the inner wall, it'll freeze. But stuff at the front stays warmish. Not too warm, but not as cold as the back either. So they want me to vacuum the back and see if that makes a difference. And I'll do that. Soon. Really. As soon as I'm ready to see what kind of ickage is under the fridge when I move it to vacuum. Then I'll get right on that.

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Queenneenee said...

haha, I did the *under the fridge* job a few months ago, and all I got to say about that is ewwwwww. It didn't help with the items freezing in my fridge though. Have FUN!