15 May 2009

Contact lenses

Remember how I said I have had glasses since I was six? Well, I've had contacts since I was fifteen. I got them two days before I started grade ten and it took 45 minutes to get them in my eyes, but it was worth it! The world is completely different with contacts. No more fuzzy peripheral vision, no more looking at a white object and seeing a blue line on one side and a yellow line on the other (somehow the thickness of my glasses causes light to be refracted and split - I don't know why), no more weight on my nose and ears. I loved them. Then I got this wonderful job at a commercial bakery where I wasn't allowed to wear contacts.

I got over the vanity of having contacts and would wear my glasses at work and put contacts in when I got home. That worked for a while, then it just became a hassle to put them in after my shower because I'd be going to bed in a few hours. So after a while I just stopped wearing the contacts and just wore my glasses all the time.

But there is another reason I liked contacts that didn't occur to me until recently. When I'm outside in the sunlight, my glasses lens refracts the light directly into my eyes. This causes me to feel blinded so I squint constantly and find it difficult to focus on...well, anything. It has been incredibly frustrating to mow the lawn, take a walk, work in the garden or even drive when the sunlight is piercing my eyeballs. I called the optometrist and asked for contact lenses, but they wouldn't issue them without an eye exam even though my last exam was only a year ago. So tomorrow I'll go for my appointment to get my eyes looked at and at the same time see what's new in the world of contact lenses. Then I'll probably have to wait about two weeks for the contacts to come in. They just don't stock my prescription as it's too strong.

I've considered surgery to correct my vision, but it's not recommended for my prescription. I will end up with halos or starbursts around lights and there's the chance that my eyes will revert back to what they were before the surgery. And it won't even get my sight to 20/20, I would still need glasses, so why bother?

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