22 May 2009

My garden, My job, My Union and purple

My Garden
My Hyacinths are pathetic. They are wilted, sparse, stunted and just not there. These seven plants are the only ones to emerge from the dirt out of the 25ish bulbs that I planted. Part of the reason for their failure to grow could be all the salt left over from Winter. I used quite a lot this year as my walk kept icing up and it was just easier to sprinle salt than trying to chip the ice away. When we shoveled the walk, the snow and salt would get tossed up on my flower bed creating salty dirt. The edges of my lawn are also a bit too salty I think, they look burnt. So maybe less salt this Winter. The Hyacinths also might not have liked the recent weather systems that have been passing over. It was warm out, very warm, then very cold, then it snowed. You'd think that by now I'd stop expecting it to be warm and sunny in Spring months and just accept the damn snow. But I don't. In my little universe the snow is gone by March. In the real world my city has only had one month in history where we've received no snow at all, and I think that is August.

My fence garden in the back yard is fantastic, though :) When I turned the dirt over and got all the remaining Sweet Pea stalks out, every trowelful of dirt had several worms. Ooooohh, worm poo, best fertilizer ever :) So today I got all the Sweet Pea seeds in the ground in the same place as last year. It took six jumbo packets of seeds plus two small packets of a different variety of Peas that I can't remember the name of right now. I mixed them all up so I wouldn't know which was which while planting them. My rose bushes look fabulous as well :) They survived the Winter nicely and are growing vigorously. The lilac bush is looking a bit underdeveloped, but maybe we just need to beat on it a little. Or water it more often.

The new plants I bought are peppermint plants. I read on the Internet that mice and ants don't like mint plants and stay away from them. So I bought four plants. One for each corner of the house (roughly). I don't care where the field mice live, but they absolutely will not have a home inside my home. Hopefully the mint will keep them in the yard and out of the basement. One mint plant was especially for my front (now salty) garden. Those ants have been there the whole time I've lived here and it's time for them to move. I've tried commercial ant killer, cornstarch and boiling water so far and I thought the mint would be a nice addition to my arsenal. I went out to the front to find the ant hill and for a brief shining second I thought the hill was gone! Did the other things actually work? Did they move out? Oh nay Nay, they just moved over. They purchased a new bit of real estate right beside one of my big garden rocks. So I dug a hole in the center of the hill and put the mint in it. Maybe that will convince them to leave.

My Job
It has been getting busier at work lately. I still have Fridays off, but the rest of the days are packed. This week I've been so tired and worn out from all the extra lifting and my feet have hurt so much. At first I couldn't figure out why my feet hurt so badly. I'm wearing the same shoes for the same length of time, I'm not walking around any more than I have been and I haven't suddenly put on a huge amount of weight. Then it occurred to me...I have put on weight - sort of. I lift more than double what I'm used to lately. My feet are carrying me and an average of 15kg extra for most of the day. My feet will toughen up eventually, with the help of the insoles that I bought :)

This morning I also noticed that my middle two fingers on my right hand didn't want to uncurl without the bones grinding against each other. When I first started the job my fingers would stay curled if I made a fist and I could feel the knuckles grinding so I had to bind my fingers to remain straight at night. Then I learned how to lift heavy pails without using the tips of my fingers, and heavy bags using mostly my wrists. It would seem that I forgot those skills and will need to re-learn them right away. After all, I would still like use of my fingers for a few more years.

My Union
I got my letter from the Union today. Two people at work got their letters earlier in the week. It seems that a laptop was stolen from a Union office in the USA on 10 March. Then it was discovered on 09 April that the laptop "may have contained personally identifiable information of Canadian residents, which included names and addresses, Social Insurance Numbers, phone numbers, birth dates, and e-mail addresses." Hrumph. Why was my SIN on a laptop? Shouldn't that kind of information be secured? Snark. Now I have to worry about identity theft. I did call both credit bureaus and request my credit info. One will be mailed to me by next week, the other I was able to view online. No problems so far, but I may have my account flagged with a fraud alert anyway. That will just mean I will need to answer a very detailed list of questions in order to get more credit or a loan or something. It would last six years or until I take the flag off. Grump.

And Purple
I have been looking at my bathroom lately and wanting to redo it in purple. Not mauve, or fushia, or burgundy...but purple. Has anybody else noticed a lacking of the color purple with home decorating stuff? Even looking down the aisle at the store I could see the rainbow of colors, but no purple. Does anybody know where I could find a purple fabric shower curtain, bath mats and plastic curtain?


Chantelle said...

Purple is a popular colour in clothes right now so it should be in home dec stuff in the next while.

I totally agree that there isn't enough purple in homes out there :)


Chantelle said...

I forgot to talk about your hyacinths. I don't know if it's just the picture, but the dirt where they're growing doesn't look all that rich. We had dirt like that a couple of years ago where we planted some impatiens.

What we did was get a bag of flower dirt from the garden center and mix that in with the existing dirt. The new dirt had lots of nutrients and the flowers now grow better - even the third- or fourth-generation tulips that come up each spring but that we never planted - they flower now.

This might be something to try... or maybe get some of the good dirt over in sweatpea land and bring it to hyacinth land?