30 May 2009

Such a beautiful day, I spent it outside

Well, I took my sister C's advice and bought 120 litres of top soil to add to the front garden. I'm pretty sure S had suggested this as well at some point, and I know I've thought of it over the years. But now it's actually done :)

Today I mixed the top soil in with the dirt in the front and boy oh boy could I see the difference. Dirt is supposed to be dark brown, not grey :) I also went over to the garden that has the sweet peas planted and dug up some worms
. There were so many when I was turning the dirt over that I thought it'd be easy to find them. It wasn't. I only got three out of the sweet pea area to transplant to the front garden. I'll be looking for more worm recruits later and keep moving them to the front garden. Worm poo is just the best fertilizer ever.

The new dirt probably won't help the hyacinths this year but maybe it will for next year. And I may buy some more to mix in there. Probably a good idea to get some next Spring as well, eventually the dirt will be good again if I keep mixing it up. Hyacinths are perennials but I think I ma
y just go with new bulbs in the Fall instead of hoping these bulbs will magically blossom. The ones I have that did blossom look...weird. The bulb package had a photo like this:
but my three pathetic flowers look like this:
Maybe because the dirt wasn't very nutritious? I hope. They are supposed to be so fragrant and pretty, instead I have balls of purple with almost no scent. Maybe poppies would be good in the front garden instead...

The other thing I did today was water my lawn. I tried doing it with the hose last week but it took forever and the ground barely got wet. We haven't had a good soaking rain yet this Spring so the ground is hard instead of nicely spongey. When S and I went food shopping we bought the oscillating sprinkler that looks like a giant fan so I could actually get some water into the lawn. I had this kind of sprinkler before, but one of my dayhome kids jumped on it and broke it. As I recall, that same boy broke three sprinklers that day and the parent just shrugged it off. An offer to replace one of them would have been nice, but it didn't happen. Anyway, I read somewhere that lawn only needs a half hour of watering at a time. I had to move the sprinkler 7 times and it took three and a half hours, but it's watered :) Except the driveway. That just seemed like too much work by the time I got to it.

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Chantelle said...

There's a woman with a gorgeous garden in our neighbourhood who has flowers like that. I'm wondering if your hyacinths are actually ornamental onions?

There are pictures here and here.

I bet that a cute little squirrel left you a flowering present. You're so lucky :)