11 May 2009


Happy Mother's Day (belated)! I had a nice relaxing day because S went to his gaming store to play his tabletop games and the boys spent the day outside. Ahhhh, time to myself, is there a better gift? There are times I would like to spend the day with everyone, but we are all so different that it is difficult to find an activity we would all like. I could torture them with something I picked because it's Mother's Day, but the complaining kinda ruins the fun. After a while, that is :)

One thing I did do i
s go for a walk on my own to search for rocks. I have a project in mind and need several small rocks so I've been collecting them whenever I think of it. I remember doing that as a child quite a lot but not so much as an adult. The ground is still the same distance away (I haven't grown since I turned 11) but I find it's not as easy to crouch down and get back up as it used to be. I had one rock for years, it was red and looked like a skull. I kept it on my dresser until I couldn't find any good reason to keep it so I threw it away. I've learned since then that the best reason to keep something is "because I want to". Too bad I didn't know that at the time, it was a really cool rock! I did find a nice, smooth green rock recently and one that might be petrified wood. One looks like bone as well. And some just look like rocks...but they are still pretty :)

T and I did get to his catchment school and registered him. They offer computer courses so all is not lost :) The person who took the registration did mention they have the second highest rate of graduates to go on to post secondary, so that's cool. T has already decided he wants to go to our local technical institute and study computers. I did tell him that it's ok to change his mind. The last thing I want is for my boys to think they have to lock in to a career early in life. I remember not knowing what I wanted for dinner much less a career at that age, so it's amazing to me that my boys even think of the future at all.

Thinking of my lovely boys, I stumbled on a new program for Maintenance Enforcement. They recalculate the amount owing every year based on tax returns so the creditor doesn't have to file a new claim each year. The sucky thing is that according to my Divorce Decree I have to go through the court system to have the amount changed. Now, I'm assuming I could go to the courts and have the policy changed so that I could apply for the recalculation program and not have to think about it year to year. Right now my ex should be paying a little over $100 more per month than he is, but if I readjust the amount he will say nasty things to the boys. Again. He has offered to take them to Scotland (I'll get the boys their passports when he actually books a flight, he's not that reliable in what he tells the boys) and if I change his child support he'll tell the boys he can't afford the trip because of me. Or something like that, you know? The first time I had his support changed when the divorce was final, he stopped seeing the boys or taking them for more than one weekend a month. He said it was too expensive to pay me and take his boys for a weekend. I remember telling him he's an ass and that we both knew he was refusing to see the boys because he was angry at me. And I think I'm just being vindictive because my ex is driving a brand new car, bought his new wife a car, and is thinking of moving to a house. And a trip to Scotland, apparently. He wants to move to the same area I live in because the houses are nice and affordable. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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