05 May 2009

Today was frustrating because...

...my son didn't get into the school he wanted. We have open boundaries here and each child can apply to go to any school in the district. T applied for the high school of his choice because they have a heavy load of technology programming. It used to be that if you applied for the school, the school would put you on a wait list if you weren't in the catchment and didn't have a sibling already going to the school. Once the school filled the spots for catchment and loyalty, they would work their way through the wait list to fill up the additional spots. This year there are no wait lists, no 'first come first served'. It's all done by lottery. All the high schools did their lottery today to fill up their spots and my son didn't win. He will have to go to his catchment school. Blech. All the kids he doesn't particularly like are going to the catchment school. He was wanting to be the "lone grade 10" (his words) where he didn't really know anybody in the school.

I know, it's not the end of the world, as evidenced by the fact that the Earth is still turning right now. He can still apply to another school for grade 11 so there is some hope, or we could move so we are in the catchment for the school he wants. No hope there at all. Soooo not moving to satisfy my kid's desire for anonymity. He's not being bullied or anything, just kinda fallen out of friendship with the primary group he was in. So it'll just be icky going to the same school as them, but not devastating.

My day was also frustrating because the staff meeting had nothing to do with finding out anything about the bargaining of our Collective Agreement. The meeting was called by the bosses and Union Rep because someone complained to the Union about the fact that we don't take a lunch break. It was agreed upon in our CA last bargaining five years ago to include a half hour unpaid lunch break. But about three years ago the line staff didn't want to take the lunch, they wanted to leave early instead. So a vote was done each day and if it was unanimous, the lunch break was skipped. That fell by the wayside as these things do, and no more lunch breaks happened.

Boss admitted that he made a mistake in dealing with the situation. He should have contacted the Union then but didn't and instead just never scheduled a third break (we get two fifteen minute breaks that are paid as well as the half hour unpaid). So after his apology we listened to Union Rep give her reasons why the break should be scheduled - especially after it was already agreed upon and included in our Agreement. We will be discussing this in depth at the Union meeting tomorrow, apparently.

I see her point. I see the point of not taking the extra break. Mostly, I don't care as it doesn't really apply to me. I don't work on the production line so I take my breaks whenever I feel like it, not when the Boss says so. If I am required to take a third break like the line, then I will punch my card out, stand there for a minute, then punch back in. I believe the wording is that the lunch break must be scheduled to 'be no more than thirty minutes'. Well, one minute is less than thirty, so technically I'm abiding by the Agreement...and irritating all the line staff. But I'll deal with that later. I'm sure it will be the focus of the meeting tomorrow instead of how the rest of the bargaining is going. Blah.

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