24 June 2009


So, we've established that I don't have very good socialization/personal skills, right? I'm just not a natural when it comes to dealing with people. Which is why I have a job working far away from pesky customers. Thinking of my job...

There is one coworker that makes my blood boil. She takes extra smoke breaks and doesn't wash her hands after or change her apron. She steals copious amounts of cake from the break room. She swears like a sailor. She seems to think she is in charge or somehow important. She stands around staring into space (literally) and then tries to get overtime to finish her work. She smells of marijuana occasionally (on her breath if you get close enough). She wears perfume and jewelry even though it's not allowed in the plant. She comes in two hours or more before her shift begins, disrupting the flow of the baker. She wastes time by walking around and hiding in Shipping before the shipper comes in. And she's a sneaky tattle-tale.

This particular Waste of Skin has tattled on me before. She complained to Boss that I was telling her how to do her job. I was genuinely mystified at that concept. I had no idea I was telling her anything of the sort. I did give her suggestions on saving time with stuff when she first started, but I really did think that was me being helpful. Apparently not.

I thought the issues had gone away, mostly, until last week when she was putting some condensed milk in pails. She has a reasonable-sized area to work in, but chose to use the general baking area instead. But there was no room for her in baking (there was plenty of room in her cooking area) so even though her product was in baking, her body was sticking out in the aisle. Every day I do the Big Stuff. This is product that the baker will use that is not scaled. I can have as much as 800 kg on a cart that I move from one cooler to another, passing right through the aisle. People know they need to move when they see me. Like a train, I can't just veer off course easily. I am very careful and check before moving to make sure the area is clear. Last week I had to veer suddenly when Oxygen Thief stuck her butt out into the aisle. I put my cart away, went up to her and informed her that she has the whole cooking area to herself to use, there is no need for her to do her work in baking and especially not in the aisle. And I told her to move her ass or I'd hit her with the cart next time. Ok, inappropriate. I realized that as soon as I said it.

Yesterday, Boss called me into his office for a reprimand. I'm not supposed to tell Idiot how to do her job (it took me a while to figure out he meant me telling her to use her own damn area instead of get in the way). I apologized for the 'ass' comment, saying I knew it was wrong after I'd said it and I don't normally swear. But really - should we all accommodate this pothead? I reminded Boss that the Big Stuff is difficult anyway and people should never block the aisle. He said she said she wasn't blocking it. I swear I almost screamed in frustration. Part of the infuriating reprimand was the knowledge that Time Waster took the Union Rep with her to complain to Boss about me treating her with disrespect. Ok, obviously I don't respect this person at all. I'd be quite content if she were to simply disappear from the Earth. So I told Boss that I would not be her friend, I would not initiate conversation with her, there would be no chit-chat with her, I would not include her in any socialization, and I would keep all communication with her down to one syllable answers to direct questions. Childish, I know.

I also told Boss that my work would not be affected. I would still scale everything with excellence, I would still complete any requests she has within the time frame suggested (within reason, of course) and I would respond to her with the same respect I'd give anyone else. Boss seemed ok with that.

Now the problem arises of what happens when I'm not in a chipper mood? Today she asked me where she could place her condensed milk so I could put it away later. I said 'here is fine, that way it's in my way and I'll remember to put it away'. Not snarky, not super-kind either. So will she now complain to Boss that I was rude? Will she say that I wasn't cheery enough? Where does the line get drawn? Because we are Unionized, Boss must respond to each complaint. Does this Dingbat get to choose how I respond to her? Does she get to tell me how smiley I should be? When would that end? What if my mouth is smiling but my eyes aren't? At what point does this become a nuisance for the bosses? I asked Boss what to do if she started to become super-nitpicky. What do I do if her requests are just unreasonable or power trippy? He said to report every single itty bitty little thing she does to him. Seriously? Am I in kindergarten? He wants me to tattle on her? Really? Unbelievable.

When I got home from my icky day of working with Control Freak, there was this email from my ex:
I hear through our "grape vine" that S feels he is the boys father & that I'm not, therefore stating that I don't need to be called in an emergency regarding the boys. I also hear that he demands the boys call him dad. Let me set something straight. I may not be around as much as he is in their life, but I AM their father none the less & need to be called for any & all emergencies. Not like when J got sent to hospital & I found out after returned home days later. You & I may have our differences, but it is still my right to be contacted by you if & when the boys are hurt.

Of course, if S wishes to adopt the boys as his, thus ending any & all child support on my part, he would then & only then be their step-father. If this is truely his intent, I will allow it, if & only if the boys want it.

Really now. I didn't contact him about J's stitches because they weren't serious. And I have full custody which means I make all medical decisions anyway. He can be there to support J, but why would I call him? When J posted it on Facebook, my ex called him Dumbass. My only reply was "your grape vine is inaccurate". Jackass.

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TexAss said...

Geez...after reading your post I'm glad to be working from home! People drive me nuts. I would have approached the co-worker situation the same way if I were in your shoes.