22 June 2009

I really don't think children should be on quads

First off, T is fine.

T and J had plans to go to their Aunt's cabin yesterday. They didn't really tell me much about it (when their Aunt was still my SIL she didn't even have a cabin) except that they would be picked up around one and brought back by 8pm that night. I figured it would be a good opportunity for the boys to hang out with their four cousins (all similar in age to T & J) and their Aunt and Uncle. Both boys told me they could bring their bikes along as well.

When their Aunt picked them up she said they didn't need their bikes, and they already have helmets at the cabin. As they drove away I thought "they have helmets? For what? Do they have quads? Am I going to get one of those awful phone calls about an accident with a quad?" But I shook it off because paranoia seemed inappropriate. Instead I went to my hair appointment as planned.

Sidebar - my hair turned out exactly as I wanted it this time :) I went somewhere different and paid a ridiculous fee, but it's the way I like it.

As I was driving home my cell rang and it was the Aunt. She told me not to worry, the ambulance was just arriving, T had an accident with a quad, and she'd call when she had more information for me. I hung up, pulled into my driveway, and called her back. I decided I didn't want to wait for her to decide when to give me information. I found out T had lost control of the quad and it had overturned. Because of a possible back injury, a witness called the ambulance and T had to lay still (near an anthill) for about a half hour. He could move his limbs, wasn't bleeding too badly, and was coherent. I made arrangements with the Aunt to have J driven back into the city with Uncle while Aunt rode in the ambulance to the hospital. S and I got to the emergency room about a half hour before the ambulance. Not the best half hour of my life.

Once T's ambulance pulled in I got to see him and talk to him. He was attached to a back board and had a neck brace on, but he seemed mostly all right. At this point I was just worried about internal bleeding and luckily, so were the attending doctors. He had several x-rays taken of his neck, back, pelvis and ankle and a CT scan of his abdomen. The x-rays showed no breaks, fractures or chips (amazing!) but there was a little fluid in the abdomen so we got to stay overnight to see if a little bleed would show up later.

I found out, through T's stories and Aunt's repeated apologies and explanations, that T had been going on a road with the quad a little too fast. He was on a road he wasn't supposed to be on anyway because of traffic. He lost control of the quad, it went into the ditch and started to throw him off. Witnesses say his foot got caught somewhere on the quad so his shoe went flying and he went flying. He landed on his belly in the dirt and the quad landed on top of him. A witness pushed the quad off of him before Aunt could check him out (Aunt used to be a nurse, so she had a good idea of what to look for). T was not wearing a helmet.

Where were Aunt and Uncle? At the cabin, out of sight. They let my boys go on dirt bikes and the quad with very little training, and they were told to wear their helmets. Aunt couldn't believe my boys would take their helmets off, she said her kids did as they were told all the time. Hm. I don't understand why anybody would allow children on these things without supervision, especially as it was my boys' first time at it. Even though my boys are 12 and 14, that doesn't mean they are ready to operate a motor vehicle.

So T and I spent the night at the hospital where they could keep an eye on him. It turns out that he doesn't have any internal bleeding, which is excellent. Also, he found out that morphine makes him throw up with almost no warning at all. Something for him to remember for the future.

Overall I'm absolutely astounded. He had a quad on top of him and not a single broken bone or crushed organ. That boy is very lucky. The only problems are a twisted ankle, very sore tailbone and a bit of road rash on his face, belly and elbow.

His Aunt and Uncle said the boys could visit the cabin again, but no more riding the dirt bikes or quad because they took their helmets off. I'm ok with that.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

wow. glad he is okay. wow.

yes, quads, trampolines and skidoos/snowmobiles cause many many serious injuries in kids of their age group it's in the grade 5 curriculum).

Chantelle said...

OMG that's scary. I'm so glad that he's ok!

I understand the appeal of wanting to drive one fast... because I love to drive things fast :) And a quad seems fun, but they can be dangerous.