11 June 2009

I'm so sleepy...

I have just finished working a ridiculous shift schedule at work. I usually start work at 5am and did on Monday. But also on Monday I worked super-fast (I found the hyperspeed setting in my routine :) ) and left early to pick my mom up from the hospital. She'd had a D&C done and would have been released right away but had some complications and ended up staying overnight. So Tuesday I worked from 5am-1pm as usual and then things got a bit hairy. I started at 3am on Wednesday to help the night baker, but stayed until 12:30pm and went home and slept. Then I was back at work by 11:45pm the same night until 9am this morning. I came home and had a nap and for the first time since January, I'm working tomorrow...at 6am.

Something I have learned from working the night shift before is that sleep is extremely important, but difficult to have. Last time I worked at night I was a single mom and still had to be reasonably coherent and parent-like for my boys. This time it was only one night and I now have my wonderful, supportive S around to manage the boys :) I warned everyone in the house not to make any noise, no visitors at the bedroom window (J has friends that hang over the front step railing and talk to him through his window), no loud phone calls and no loud TV. S was able to keep them in line enough that I actually slept when I needed to.

The other thing I did differently this time around was stop thinking of time as confined to days or hours. Instead it was Awake time, Sleep time and Work time. It seemed to be easier on my body (and mind) to just think about it being Work time, not Wednesday night. Although it was confusing when I poked my head into my boys' rooms to say goodnight/goodbye when I woke up around 10pm. I told T we would go shopping for clothes after work, and he said "so, tomorrow then?" and I had to stop and remember that for the rest of the house, it's about to be Sleep time, not Work time. I had to buy T nice clothes because...

...it's his grad night tomorrow! People make a big fuss over grade 9 grad these days so I thought it would be good if T had a nice shirt, pants, and tie. The notice said some people may want to wear evening attire and that would be very appropriate. I can see why a celebration for ending the year is good...but isn't it required to graduate grade 9? I mean, do we need to have a big deal about it? I can see a big deal made of grade 12 grad, it's the end of mandatory schooling and the entrance into adulthood. But grade 9? Really? Anyway, T will look very handsome in his new black pants, black shirt and red/silver/black striped tie. Maybe I'll post a picture, maybe not. I don't always like images of my boys to be all over the Internet.

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Chantelle said...

I think they have the celebration because entering high school is a rite of passage. It's another step on the way to maturity, like getting married, say, or graduating high school.

It's also one of those times where people who know each other are going to be going their separate ways - in this case, to different schools (or being absorbed into a much larger school). In that context, graduation is like a goodbye party.

I'm so jealous of the way you can shift your sleep schedule and work those crazy hours! Most people can't do that... it's one more way that you're special, seester.

I love you so much,