25 June 2009


I have had an icky week. It has been stressful and difficult and today I felt like I was dragging my butt behind me with every step. By the time I got home from work I was thankful to have (another) Friday off so I could just sleep and regroup a bit. Then I went to my mailbox.

All kinds of interesting things were hanging out in my mailbox. My newspaper was there as well as a free weekly community newspaper, and some mail. Real mail, not flyers. I opened my invoice for internet/phone/cable and saw I owe exactly what I thought. Excellent. Next was a bill for a credit card, again the amounts were correct. Excellent again. Then my tired eyes saw the next envelope from the City Planning and Development. Huh? Ok. Addressed to Tenant/Occupant. Why is the City sending me mail?

I tore it open and read it. Big bold capital letters screamed "Notice to Comply" across the top. What? From the Complaints and Investigations Department no less. WTF? The instructions were to remove the following items from my private property: auto parts, pails, loose debris, litter, umbrella, appliances, chair, tree clippings, pool, filing cabinet. Seriously...my yard? I looked out my back window and saw three pieces of wood, a shovel, some garden tools, a sprinkler and a shopping cart. Ok...did a neighbor complain about the cart? Is it an eyesore? It is kinda rusty...but it's not on this list. After this awful week I have a mysterious neighbor complaint...really? Inspected last Tuesday? And a fine of $250 for non-compliance! What!?! And a vague threat that the City will come out and clean it if I don't and charge me for it! WhatWhatWhat!!??!

Totally mystified (and getting more confused and irritated), I glanced down at the letter and my eyes fell on the postal code. First three digits were correct, last three were not familiar at all. Looked up one line and found the street address is correct but the avenue is two blocks south of me! Well, now I've just opened someone else's mail. Isn't that a Federal Offence?

I called the Customer Service number listed and waited...and waited...and ate M&Ms...and waited. When I finally got someone on the line I explained that I opened the letter without really reading the address and found it belongs somewhere else. Once she understood what I did I asked if she could re-send the Notice so that the tenants of the address in question can have a chance to receive it before being cited for non-compliance. I didn't want whoever lives just south of me to get charged because they didn't clean their yard they didn't know needed cleaning. The CS Rep was happy to do it, thankfully.

Now, can I just stop the world for a bit while I figure out how to lower my stress level?

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sweetsue said...

Hi, just wamted to say hi and tell you that you have a great sense of humor!