05 June 2009

txtng & stuff

I was out and about running errands today - one of which was to pick up another free trial pair of contact lenses. The pair I'd been given was a new brand that I'd never worn before and I found them frustrating. It was like one eye was seeing super sharp and the other was seeing fuzzy and my brain didn't know what to do with it. When I went back to the optometrist and told him, he said that contacts are just like glasses: they have an area of prescription strength and it blends out to the edges. On contacts the edges can't be like glasses (or it'd feel like ashtrays on my eyes they'd be so thick) so they blend them differently. This leaves a tiny area to see out of that is the correct prescription. This particular brand had too tiny of an area and the lens kept sliding around on my eye, making things not look right. So I had to wait while they special ordered the kind I used to wear. The first thing I did when I got home was slip those babies onto my eyeballs and felt my eyes relax. Ahhhhh, perfect vision, my old friend, good to have you back :)

Anyway, while I was out, my cell phone burped at me. I thought it was one of my boy
s because no one else really texts me...but it was my little sister! Please keep in mind that I'm not a super-texter, my thumbs feel like they are gigantic in comparison to the little cell keys. I have very little practice with the whole concept of texting, except to relay tiny messages to my boys. I noticed right away that my sister used mostly full words instead of the abbreviated form normally found with texting. Then I felt the envy. Ohh, the envy of a qwerty keyboard. I had so much to say and had to figure out how to convey everything into as few words as possible. Do you know how difficult that is to a Babbler? Oh my, it was a struggle. But, you will be happy to know, I muddled through :) And I decided that my next cell phone will have a qwerty keyboard. I will not be swayed by pretty images of moving red fire on the front. Oh nay nay, I will not be swayed by a built-in mp3 player and touch screen front. Well, maybe the mp3 player. But by the time I can get another handset with contract renewal I'm sure there will be one I like. Maybe a more user-friendly one as well. Do you know it took me about six months to figure out how to make my phone only vibrate instead of ring and vibrate? Then when I figured out where to find that function in the mess of icons, T told me that all I had to do was hold down the # key. I was speechless.

Do you know what else I did today? Not work, we are still on a four day week. It is better lately, though. We have been very busy, busy enough that I don't have time for chit-chat. I like that. I tend to get caught up in chit-chat and it puts my social skills to the test. I'd rather just do my job
and go home. I did take on the role of Little Miss Tattletale yesterday as the culmination of chit-chatting. One person has been taking cakes home out of the fridge in the break room. We were told that's theft and to only eat the cake, not take it home. This person has been taking as many as three cakes in a day, leaving none for anyone to snack on. We were warned that this privilege will be revoked if people still take cakes home...but this one person started working with us about the same time the notice came down off the bulletin board. So I asked Boss to re-post the letter as I didn't want to lose the privilege but I also think it's wrong for one person to get to take all the cake. And eat it too :) I also told Boss about the two smokers (one is the cake-stealer) that have been sneaking out for breaks without punching out. Now that we are busier it chaps my 'nads to see people do that when I am working my butt off to not get overtime. Then one of them tried to stay late one day! I do not think someone should get overtime because she's been outside smoking instead of inside working. I was proud of myself for not using names when I talked to Boss, I didn't want to appear as though I have a Hate on for this one person. Although I do (cake-stealer is also loud-music-player), that's not the point, the point was to have Boss tighten the reins now that we are getting busier. But anyway, that was yesterday...
...today I cut my grass. No big deal, I do it roughly once a week. Today it was cloudy and chilly and I found out it's better to cut grass in the chill instead of the heat. You'd think I'
d've learned that by now, but whatever. I have a gas mower (that belches filth, dirt, and exhaust) and it takes around 2 hours to cut all the lawn. Just as I was finishing up the lawn the clouds let out their bits of rain. Not real rain, but misty sprinkly rain at first. Then real rain. Rain coming down just fast enough to leave little puddles on the road. Now I have one of my favorite smells - fresh cut grass - mixed with the first rain shower of the season - the smell of Green - and that's just AWESOME :)

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