17 July 2009


I'm currently sitting on hold on the phone waiting for Service Canada to help me with my online application for the Work Sharing Program. This program has been implemented to help employees who are losing hours due to the recession or some such thing. Anyway, my employer applied for the program on 27Apr. We had the papers signed only yesterday. Sighhhhh. And we were told it was effective from the date of signing, which doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, we've had Fridays off since 30Jan so technically the WSP began then regardless of when my employer filled out the paperwork. When I told people at work that I would call to back date my claim once I received my PIN after the my portion of the application was completed, they kept telling me I can't. Well now. Yes, I can. I may still be told that the claim is from the date of signing and not the first week of lost work, but at least I'll have a reason why besides "because". Really, I'm not too finicky...if I get paid for even one Friday off at Service Canada's rate of 55% of my wages, that's better than the bupkus I'm getting for it right now. But if the possibility exists that I can be paid for the last 25 Fridays, well, then I'm all over that. Anyway, I'm having trouble with the section of my claim that is asking why I waited so long to apply as I put my last date of work before the WSP began as 23Jan. There is only room for about 15 characters, how do I explain the snail pace of my boss in 15 characters?

Ok, I got through...but they couldn't do anything until the application is completed. So in the spot I was having trouble with, the rep told me to put "see phone message" and call back when I'm done and have a confirmation number. Well, now I have completed my application and have a confirmation number and am on hold once more. Now I need to have the rep attach something to my file explaining why it took so long to apply for the program. Hopefully I'm not screwing up my claim by doing this, or by reporting a date different from what the bosses said, or by wearing a blue shirt, or because the moon isn't full, or whatever.''

BTW - I did get my Air Miles gift cards in the mail. I did have to call them again, but at least they sent the cards by priority courier because of the amount of money they represented :)

S sent me an email about a supplement for getting rid of sleepiness. It's been effective in monkeys and is called orexin A. It'll be ready for consumers in about a decade because it takes a long time to get through the Food and Drug Administration. Anyway, I have so many tabs open on my computer while I file this government stuff, that the tab was labelled "snorting a brain". I had to wonder...would that be like snorting chunky jell-o? And why would snorting a brain be of aid to sleepiness? Right, so I read the article and it's a nasal spray of the chemical that they're talking about. The article is here if you are interested :)

Ok, I got through the queue again and had the rep put an attachment on my file explaining the difference in the date I entered and the date they entered. This would have been easier to resolve if Boss had submitted my Record of Employment, then the rep could check the date Boss put on the ROE against the date I entered. It says in my info packet that my employer would submit my ROE for me so all I have to do is input my reference number (and apparently go through some hoops) and my side of the claim is done. Well...why isn't my ROE submitted? If it's done online then it's instant, and rep told me that if Boss sends it in as a hardcopy then I need to send in a copy as well! Eek. Oh yeah, my next phone call is to my boss (or the accountant) to find out when the ROE will be submitted and how. This whole application goes nowhere without it. Sigh.

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The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

ooooh ooooh ooooh! you could have talked to ME! oh, except that if we get someone we know on the phone we have to transfer the call.

the reason why you have to send in your ROE even if your boss mails a hard copy is that they are mailing it to filing system in bathurst, nb, which the processing centre can't access.

when you get a copy, check if the serial number starts with a 'w' or an 's', which indicates that it was web-filed, in which case you can keep your copy. any other letter and you need to subnmit it yourself.

doesn't hurt to try to get it antedated to 25 weeks ago. let me know if it works. worksharing has changed a lot recently - there was a new regulation as of yesterday, so it is very much in flux...